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10 Reasons Off-Road Enthusiasts Should Consider the Jeep Recon


In the coming years, Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis, will concoct several electrified and purely electric vehicles across their brands and lineups. The menu will include everything from a production version of the Chrysler Airflow Concept to an electric RAM truck. The current Jeep Wrangler 4xe proved an instant hit. It is currently the best-selling plug-in hybrid in North America and Europe, proving the positive consumer reception for electrified Jeeps.

Now, Jeep is ready to go with four all-electric models, including the Jeep Recon and the luxurious Jeep Grand Wagoneer S, with availability expected in 2024. The Jeep Recon will be a Wrangler-inspired off-road vehicle and an all-terrain vehicle. electrical ground. should consider buying once it hits the market.

10/10 The Jeep Recon promises the capabilities of the Wrangler

Off-road enthusiasts have grown accustomed to the bare-handed off-road capabilities of the Jeep Wrangler. Since entering the market in 1987, it has remained the benchmark for rugged versatility and a go-anywhere SUV. Jeep promises the Recon will come with the capabilities of its iconic sibling.

It will be a real Jeep with formidable capabilities. But with unibody construction, it could get rid of the firm ride, cumbersome handling and noisy interior that made the Wrangler lose its everyday driving charm.

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9/10 The Jeep Recon has a rugged off-road aesthetic

The Jeep Recon photographs released so far show strong aesthetic influences from the Jeep Wrangler. It is designed in the same studio as the Wrangler and features similar dimensions and proportions. It receives several Wrangler-like features except the name.

In addition, it gets Wrangler’s tall two-box silhouette, tires, long-travel suspension, and wider approach, departure and braking angles. But, it has less aggressive wings and a lower beltline thanks to the batteries tucked into its belly.

8/10 The Jeep Recon comes with an advanced chassis

The chassis is one of the few differentiating factors between the Recon and the Wrangler. The former gets the all-new STLA platform that Stellantis aims to use on its next generation of electric vehicles. It will be available in four sizes, the STLA small, the STLA medium, the STLA large, and the STLA Frame body.

The Jeep Recon will feature the STLA Large, one of the more exciting options that will underpin the company’s all-wheel-drive performance vehicles and American muscle cars. Jeep says the platforms will offer a high level of flexibility and component sharing across the board, reducing complexity and enabling economies of scale.

7/10 A Capable Ford Bronco Sport Rival

Ford went against the norm and proved that there was a large market for a unibody 4×4 SUV after building the Bronco Sport. It is the only model in the new Bronco lineup not to feature body-on-frame construction. For now, the Ford Bronco Sport has a free run in this crucial slot, but the Jeep Recon is looking to up the competition.

The Jeep Recon will prove to be an important addition as it helps free the Wrangler to continue to dominate as Jeep’s aggressive flagship SUV for the foreseeable future.

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6/10 An all-electric spiritual successor to the Wrangler

Jeep has previously reiterated that the new EV is an addition to the lineup, not a replacement for the legendary Wrangler. Nameplate die-hards and off-road enthusiasts will love knowing it’s here to stay, at least for a few more years. But when it bows, the Recon presents a perfect all-electric spiritual successor to the Wrangler.

Additionally, if the Recon proves successful in the market, it will pave an easier path for the Wrangler to go fully EV, perhaps with the STLA Frame platform.

5/10 The Jeep Recon will be equipped to crawl

Hopefully the Recon’s capabilities will match the Wrangler’s, as Jeep claims. This will make it a perfect, quiet and environmentally friendly tool for adventurers who love mud, hiking and sandy beaches. Plus, the Jeep Recon will be easily equipped to tackle rock crawling, one of the toughest forms of off-roading.

Due to the unibody construction, some believe the Recon won’t be as hardcore as the Wrangler, which offers the best crawl ratio in its class. But it’s 2022, materials science is very advanced and new unibody constructions are as strong, stiff and durable as their traditional tough guys.

4/10 Jeep promises unparalleled battery life

Range anxiety is one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption. But the technology has developed rapidly since the early 2010s, and today we have new electric vehicles with over 300 miles of range. Stellantis promises long ranges between 300 and 500 miles with its new platform, featuring two battery cell chemistries to ensure affordability.

Range is especially important for off-road vehicles, as drivers often venture into remote areas without access to electric charging. Built, Jeep promises the Recon can traverse the tough Rubicon Trail with enough range to get back into town.

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3/10 The Recon comes with independent suspension

The Wrangler is one of the last modern midsize SUVs sold with solid front and rear axles, making them more rugged and perfect for rock crawling and other extreme activities. But this makes the road behavior uncomfortable.

The Recon will feature independent suspension. There is a market for these unibody SUVs with independent suspensions, including off-road enthusiasts who probably spend more time on the road with the vehicle than on the trails.

2/10 The power and performance of the Jeep Recon

Jeep didn’t give us many technical details about the Recon, but there are some good signs. Stellantis has confirmed that the STLA platform will include three electric drive modules ranging from 70 kW to 330 kW to improve modularity and performance, with front, rear and all-wheel drive. The Recon will most likely feature AWD.

Stellantis promises industry-leading fast charging, unrivaled efficiency per kilometer and 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 2 seconds. Be on the lookout for new Hot Cars articles on the Recons. We will continue to update the Recon’s performance, charging, interior and more information as it becomes available.

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1/10 Leads the way to hardcore electrified off-roading

The electric revolution is shaking up all segments and sub-segments of the automotive world, from mopeds to long-haul trucks. It’s still early days, so gearheads are wondering if they’ll have to give up some of their hobbies when gas-powered vehicles die out. But the incoming Jeep Recon is good news that the future of hardcore off-roading could be secure with electrification.

Plus, electric vehicles are less likely to break down than gas-powered cars, so they’ll bring extra peace of mind when tackling the trails.