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A troubling trail of malpractice settlements


There are doctors who just shouldn’t practice

I can’t be the only one who’s read the front-page Spotlight series on Dr. Yvon Baribeau (“A Famous Surgeon, A Trail Of Secrets And Death,” Sept. 7; “A Crisis Of Conscience, With Lives At stake ,” September 8) and thought of the 2021 docudrama “Dr. Death,” which told the true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a Dallas neurosurgeon serving a life sentence following injuries to more than 30 patients and the death of two.

Contrast that with Catholic Medical Center CEO Alex Walker’s appalling statement that he would “absolutely” rehire Baribeau if his skills were up to date. It seems that the bottom line – profit – is the primary consideration.

Maxine Dolle


Patients and families need to feel comfortable with physician errors

I read with interest the story of the New Hampshire doctor who “settled 21 medical malpractice claims related to his work” at the Catholic Medical Center, “including 14 in which he is accused of having contributed to the death of a patient”. Patients and families need to feel comfortable with the mistakes of their own physicians.

Recently, the life of a loved one was dramatically shortened due to what I consider malpractice. Am I angry? You bet. Will my loved one file a complaint? Probably not. Why? Because he says his doctor is “a nice guy.”

This attitude must stop. Would you accept this kind of error from your accountant, your lawyer, your mechanic or your plumber?

Why do we tolerate physician errors and let them go unreported?

J. Hallisey

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The author is a primary care nurse practitioner.