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Accountant stabbed to death, wife arrested


SEREMBAN: It was a horrific encounter for the two children of a 55-year-old former accountant when they witnessed him being killed by their mother in a bungalow at Rasah Kemayan Golf and Country Township, Seremban 2 here today.

Poh Seng Hiap, a former private company accountant who was stabbed twice in the body, succumbed to his injuries in his bungalow.

The victim’s wife, also 55, was arrested shortly after a police team arrived at the home.

Seremban Police Chief ACP Nanda Maarof said police received a distress call from one of the couple’s four children around 4.10pm before a team was dispatched to the house.

He said investigations showed the murder took place at the bungalow and the couple’s last two children were witnesses.

Nanda said investigators examined the victim’s injuries and found stab wounds to the left of his chest and waist.

He said police also seized the murder weapon from the scene.

Nanda said a remand order to further detain the victim’s wife for investigation will be requested by police on Monday.

He said an autopsy would also be performed on Poh’s body to determine the cause of death.

Investigators collect clues and try to discover the motive for the murder.