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Accountants in charge of preaching the standardization of the quality of goods and products


Uganda Chartered Accountants have been invited to promote and encourage the quality of products and services offered by small, medium and large enterprises in the manufacturing sector in Uganda.

This was during the conclusion of the 3-day 10th CPA Economic Forum held at the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel in Entebbe with the aim of formulating viable solutions for the development of the Ugandan economy with a focus on leaving no one behind.

This year’s Economic Forum was held under the theme “A Responsive Economic Development Agenda” and attracted over 630 participants from all sectors and government agencies who came together to discuss issues affecting the growth of the economy. and, ultimately, to propose solutions to the challenges that the Country and its individuals face. These solutions, according to the organizers, will be submitted to the government through the National Planning Authority and the Ministry of Finance, among other government agencies, to be implemented where deemed appropriate.

During his presentation to accountants, David Livingstone Ebiru, Executive Director of Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), said accountants have a huge role to play as they hold sensitive positions in different agencies, companies and governments.

Ebiru said that most companies and agencies trust the decisions made by accountants for the development of organizations and therefore ensure that quality standards could be influenced by them.

He cited some of the causes of low compliance with standards that need to be tackled by convincing the public to strictly adhere to them if the country is to develop and every stakeholder or citizen benefits.

“Some of the reasons for the low level of compliance with standards include; Gaps in knowledge, technology and skills, capacity of regulators and enforcement agencies, people looking for cheaper options and substitute products, associated to an ignorance of the effects of consuming substandard/unsafe products which end up affecting them and paying a high price. Labeling is also part of the requirements of the standards. All products must be labeled with the name of the product, the manufacturer’s name, address, ingredients, expiration date and all must be visibly displayed.

Ebiru also noted that non-compliance with quality standards affects the country’s level of development and the standard of living of its people and, over time, slows down industrialization and undermines the country’s competitiveness.

“Without standards, the country will become a dumping ground and anyone will sell their products, no matter how harmful and toxic they are,” he said.

Ebiru also added that “UNBS Q mark is only valid for one year. This is a control measure to ensure that producers do not compromise the quality of their products after obtaining UNBS certification.

Winston Katushabe, Commissioner for Transport Regulation and Safety at the Department of Public Works and Transport highlighted the fundamental aspects of transport which involve among others, the economic role of transport, the impacts or investments in transport, the transport service supply and influences on transport demand.