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An accountant falls into a sexual trap; Kidnapped, robbed by three | Rajkot News

Rajkot: A Surendranagar man who fell prey to the lure of lust was kidnapped and later robbed of cash and valuables worth Rs 91,000 near Bamanbor in Rajkot on February 17. Police on Monday arrested three people, including a woman, in connection with the incident. Three other defendants are still at large.
Based on a complaint filed by accountant Savji Kariya (35), a resident of a village near Limbdi in Surendranagar, police arrested Jitu Jasani (25), his girlfriend Janki Upra (26) and Rahul Nimavat. The main defendant Sandeep Gopiyani, his wife Nikita and Jaydeep Gohil have not yet been arrested, police said.
According to a police complaint, Kariya came into contact with Gopiyani and Nikita alias Puja in 2021. The couple worked at a hotel on the Limbdi-Ahmedabad highway. They then moved to Jamnagar for a while. During Diwali last year, the accused duo contacted Kariya again. Afterwards, Nikita kept in touch with Kariya and invited him to come and meet her in Rajkot.
“On February 17, Nikita called Kariya and told her that her husband was out of town and invited him to spend the night with her,” a police official said.
Attracted by the offer, Kariya drove his car to Greenland Chokdi outside the city of Rajkot. Nikita came with her friend Janki and told Kariya there was a little change of plans. She asked Kariya to take them to Chotila where they would stay in a guest house.
Shortly after crossing the Bamanbor toll near the village of Beti, Janki asked Kariya to stop under the guise of witnessing the call of the wild. As soon as Kariya stopped the car, the other defendants who were following them in another car got into the car and drove the car towards Rajkot.
While in the car, the accused beat Kariya. Two of the defendants also identified themselves as cops. They demanded Rs 1.51 lakh for his release. They took Rs 8,500 in cash from Kariya’s pocket and forced him to withdraw Rs 38,000 from an ATM on a 150ft road at midnight.
Later, the accused snatched his two cell phones from him and released him with his car. Kariya was initially afraid to report the matter to the police, but fearing his mobile phones could be used for criminal purposes, he contacted the cops on Sunday.