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An accountant will stand as a Reform Jersey candidate


An accountant and lecturer at the Open University has announced she will stand for election in the constituencies of St Mary, St Ouen and St Peter.

Helen Evans, who will run for Reform Jersey, believes her skills would be particularly useful in managing public funds and the economy.

She grew up in Jersey, attended Beaulieu School and is a qualified accountant.

She said: “In recent years we have seen society become more unequal with a decline in social mobility. As we emerge from the Covid disruption, we have an opportunity to build a better society for the future – a more cohesive society in which people can thrive.

“We must move away from decision-making based on short-term opportunity and work together to create a fairer and more sustainable society.

“We must recognize the value of work that contributes to the common good and ensure that people are fairly compensated for their work. We need to adapt our public services to the 21st century, to regain citizens’ trust in public services where it has been lost.

“If elected, I would be uniquely placed, based on my experience in accounting and auditing in the UK and European public sector, to play a role in ensuring that public money and the economy are well managed. , efficiency and effectiveness of public expenditure.’

Reform Jersey party leader Sam Mézec said: “I am delighted that Helen is standing for election. As a party, Reform Jersey is committed to ensuring that we make the best use of taxpayers’ money and reduce unnecessary spending. Helen’s professional background and skills are ideal and I was very impressed with her ideas on how to improve public finance management.