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An accounting firm seeks to improve the credibility and integrity of its members


Doha: The President of the Qatari Association of Chartered Accountants (QCPA), Dr Hashim Al Sayed, said that the publication of the profession’s rules of conduct and ethics for its members is in line with the concern the association to enhance the accounting and auditing profession, and to maintain professional ethics.

The Qatar Association of Chartered Accountants announced earlier this month that it had published a code of professional conduct and ethics for its members.

Dr. Al Sayed said that among the most important characteristics of the rules and ethics of practicing the profession of accountant in Qatar are those related to credibility and integrity, objectivity and independence, professional competence and due care, responsibility and confidentiality.

He underlined that the formulation of rules is not sufficient in itself, but rather requires the respect of these. He indicated that the association generally seeks to develop the accounting and auditing profession in Qatar through several areas such as the training and continuous development of accountants and auditors and coordination with the authorities concerned to overcome difficulties. facing the profession.

He explained that this development includes the introduction of constructive initiatives and the proposal of policies necessary for the development of the profession, as well as the holding of specialized professional conferences in cooperation with international experts and specialists, the holding of meetings with specialists in the country and the publication of periodicals.

Dr. Al Sayed identified a set of requirements for the profession to fully play its role, including compliance by its practitioners with the rules of ethical behavior, which is an important element of the profession.

He stressed that public confidence in the quality of the services rendered by the accountancy profession is an important factor in its success, and that public confidence in the fairness of financial statements is high when they are prepared in accordance with standards and ethics of the accounting and auditing profession.

Dr. Hashim Al Sayed pointed out that the association’s attainment of membership in the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) obliges it to publish and translate the latest standards and codes of conduct and updates to develop the profession in Qatar in accordance with international rules and regulations. developments.

He explained that the rules of ethical conduct aim to achieve a set of strategic objectives in the accounting and auditing profession, including upgrading the accounting and auditing profession and improving its position in society. , the development of a spirit of cooperation among professional accountants and the care of their material and moral interests, as well as the strengthening of confidence in the hearts of the public concerned with the services and the preparation of good financial statements. In addition to limiting the practices of analysis and manipulation of accounting policies, as well as detecting any manipulation in the financial statements, and complementing the legislative and legal requirements of the accounting profession.

In a related context, he pointed out that ethical rules are intended to reduce the level of risks to which the accounting and auditing profession is exposed, to maintain the efficiency, integrity and effectiveness of financial statements, to optimize the investment of resources and to protect the national economy and determine the accountant’s responsibility to meet the needs of clients and the employer and to activate the public interest.