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Aviation enthusiasts flew to Dixie County for the Fly-In, Cruise-In and Business Expo


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CROSS CITY, Fla. (WCJB) — One of Dixie County’s biggest events is the Fly-In, Cruise-In and Business Expo.

He brings people from all over the Southeast to Cross City Airport to teach them about aviation.

“Most people who come here have never flown, they’ve never seen a plane fly. We’ve had Sikorsky planes and we’ve had Coast Guard flyovers, so it’s exposure to the world that I don’t think kids get,” organizer Jeff Cary said.

The families had the chance to board a helicopter from Tallahassee and see different planes. While they learn what the aviation industry has to offer.

“A child could come here and see an airplane for the first time and it makes them want to be a pilot,” said saleswoman Gayle Ambrose.

Retired Air Force pilot Keith Baird flew all over the world with President Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush and he said there was a shortage of pilots so there were plenty of opportunities for everybody.

“We loved the job because we got to see history being made to take our leaders overseas to negotiate treaties. The things we saw were a great opportunity to see history made.

The children left with smiles on their faces knowing that one day they could fly in the sky.

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