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Calling all AE86 enthusiasts: Toyota Gazoo Racing builds parts for the car of your dreams

  • Owners of the coveted Toyota AE86 Corolla can now order OEM replacement parts for their vehicles.
  • Toyota Gazoo Racing will produce these heritage parts for a limited period.
  • AE86 is a pop culture icon thanks to her appearances in Initial D and the Fast & Furious franchise.
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The Toyota Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno AE86 remains a dream car for many South African oil enthusiasts. For us, the fire was lit when we saw Takumi Fujiwara slide the car down Mount Akina during a tofu delivery for the first time in the popular animated series Initial D.

Toyota built the AE86 between 1983 and 1987, and it was available in liftback and coupe configurations. Unfortunately the car was not an official import for South Africa so this vehicle remains a dream for many of us, unless you want to import a model for yourself from Japan or the United States. United.

Which 80s Japanese car is your favorite and why? Toyota AE86? Honda CR-X? Mazda RX-7? Let us know in the comments section, or please send us an email here.

Toyota AE86 Corolla

The AE86 is particularly suitable for motorsport activities thanks to its lightweight construction, and it is easily modifiable. Combined with a five-speed manual gearbox, optional limited-slip differential, MacPherson strut front suspension, high-revving twincam quad-pot engine with oil cooler and front-to-rear weight balance close to 50:50, and above all, a front- engine / rear-wheel drive configuration, it remains a sought-after vehicle around the world to this day.

Prices for the Toyota AE86 have increased over the years thanks to appearances in films like the Fast & Furious franchise, and thanks to the growing popularity of the Initial D animated series on video streaming services, more and more younger generations of oil enthusiasts are learning to appreciate what the AE86 stood for.

Toyota corolla

Toyota Corolla Sprinter parts are now available from Toyota Gazoo Racing.

New parts for old cars from Toyota Gazoo Racing

Toyota Gazoo Racing has recognized the vital role the AE86 plays in automotive culture and announced that it will now produce new and aftermarket parts for the AE86 range through its Heritage Parts business unit.

As part of the GR Heritage Parts project, AE86 owners can now access aftermarket parts that have been discontinued directly from Toyota as original parts. The company says it has done this to support customers who want to continue driving older vehicles that are full of memories and that they really love. Toyota Gazoo Racing has already reproduced spare parts for the A70 and A80 Supra, the Toyota 2000GT and the Land Cruiser 40 Series. The AE86 is the next model of the Heritage Parts project.


Levin and Trueno represented the sports models of the Corolla and Sprinter series. Toyota has assigned the designation “AE86” only to vehicles equipped with the 1.6-liter Twincam 16-valve (4A-GEU) engine. Although production ceased over three decades ago, the AE86 continues to be extremely popular today and is affectionately referred to as “Hachi-Roku” meaning “eight-six”. The new Toyota GR86 which launched earlier this year (arriving in SA in 2022) and the original GT86 which went on sale in 2012 both inherited the culture and tradition of the AE86.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Genuine Parts for Toyota AE86 rang

Toyota Gazoo Racing genuine parts for the Toyota AE86 range

Toyota Gazoo Racing Genuine Parts for Toyota AE86 rang

Toyota Gazoo Racing genuine parts for the Toyota AE86 range

Toyota Gazoo Racing Genuine Parts for Toyota AE86 rang

Toyota Gazoo Racing genuine parts for the Toyota AE86 range

As of November 1, 2021, Toyota dealers in Japan and the United States have been offering original equipment replacement parts for the AE86, including rear brake calipers and steering knuckle arms. Starting this month, AE86 owners were able to order additional components, such as rear driveshafts. Toyota is announcing that it will gradually offer more replica parts for purchase from its dealers, in the same way as standard OEM parts. However, Toyota Gazoo Racing will only produce the heritage parts for a limited period with the unique cooperation of its suppliers. For this reason, after the end of their production periods, each reproduced piece will only be available for purchase while stocks last.

Details such as part numbers and production periods are published on the Toyota Gazoo Racing website. If you are planning to buy an AE86 someday, you might as well start befriending the owners of AE86 in Japan so they can help you secure some of these parts for your dream Hachi-Roku. .

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