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Car enthusiasts flock to the Gnoo Blas 2022 Car, Bike and Truck Show | Parkes Champion Post


Nearly 600 classic cars, motorcycles and trucks of a wide range of makes and models rolled through Jack Brabham Park on Saturday.

The Gnoo Blas Classic Car, Bike and Truck Show is held annually at the site of the former Gnoo Blas road racing circuit and chairman Wayne Swadling said Saturday’s event was one of the biggest events in the story of the show.

“It’s been good, we’ve had thousands of people through the door,” he said.

“We’ve only done this for the last two months because we weren’t too sure with COVID. Last year we just did a virtual show.

“People just want to get out and hang out with their cars, we’ve been locked down with COVID and we just want to get back to normal as much as possible.”

Mr Swadling said many of the attendees and visitors on Saturday were from Sydney and once people came for the first time they would tell their friends about it so the event became “bigger and bigger “.

“This [Denis Gregory trophy]this is the first time we do [and] a perpetual trophy.”

Mr. Swadling said that Mr. Gregory had done a tremendous job since the start of the event.

“He was a very good organizer who founded a very good committee, we have 400 members,” he said.

Mr Swadling said car, motorcycle and truck exhibitors came from Bowral, Newcastle, Gosford, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, but there were also plenty of local vehicles on display.

RARE: Norman Julian of Mullion Creek with his 1974 Leyland Force 7V. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

RARE: Norman Julian of Mullion Creek with his 1974 Leyland Force 7V. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

Among them was one of Australia’s rarest cars, a 1974 Leyland Force 7V owned by Norman Julian of Mullion Creek.

“There were about 60 [made] and all 10 measures were overwritten,” Julian said.

He said the cars were made in Sydney towards the end of the Leyland era and it was the first time he had owned one and he had only owned it for three months.

“I became interested in [Leyland] P76 for years,” Mr Julian said of the four-door models, which he has been involved with since 1988.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for the Force 7 and when the opportunity arose I bought it from a good friend of mine…you don’t get the chance very often.”

Although the car is 48 years old and all of its components are original, Mr Julian said it runs perfectly.

“It’s a two-door and there are only eight of them,” he said, and because of this rarity, it generated a lot of interest at the show.

DIFFERENT: People looking at Stephanie Huysmans' modified 1928 Ford.  Pictured: JUDE KEOGH.

DIFFERENT: People looking at Stephanie Huysmans’ modified 1928 Ford. Pictured: JUDE KEOGH.

Spring Hill drag racer Stephanie Huysmans also got a lot of attention with her new drag car, a modified 1928 Ford that she says is a composite of materials from “several different eras.”

“We finished building this one in August last year, we’re still testing it,” Miss Huysmans said.

“I had a car similar to this, it was basically the same but with a much smaller engine, I want to go faster.

“Testing is me driving, but I basically learn everything from the start because it’s so different from the other car.

Classic cars race on the famous Gnoo motor racing circuit


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She said she mainly races at the Sydney Dragway in Eastern Creek and the car she took to Gnoo Blas is the second car in a two-car team, her father Tony Huysmans has the other car.

The car has a 509 cubic inch Chevrolet big block engine with mechanical fuel injection and runs on methanol.

“Hopefully when everything is ready, he will do a quarter mile in 7.8 seconds, or about 180 miles per hour.” This converts to 400 meters in 7.8 seconds at around 288 km/h.

“It’s really good to see people interested in something a little different because drag racing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we got some people who were really interested,” he said. she declared.

Miss Huysmans crew chief Michael Savaro attended the event in support of Miss Huysmans, but he also brought his wife Louise Savaro’s 1936 Chevy Sports Roadster.

He said it was the first time they had brought the roadster to Gnoo Blas despite Ms Savaro owning it for four years.

“I’ve been in hot rods all my life and my wife wanted a roadster,” he said,

“[There’s] much interest.”

POWER: Garry Spicer with his 1982 Mack Superliner V8 truck. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

POWER: Garry Spicer with his 1982 Mack Superliner V8 truck. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

In addition to cars, many trucks were on display and among them were four trucks brought by Garry Spicer from Orange. Mr. Spicer brought four Mack trucks dating from 1961, 1982, 2015 and 2019.

“Good to see everyone here,” Mr. Spicer said.

Mr Spicer said he had owned Mack Trucks for around 20 years and previously used the 1982 truck in his Spicer Construction business, which is now run by his son and has around 10 trucks.

He said the 1982 model truck had 88 forward and four reverse, but the trucks coming out now are all 12-speed automatics.

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