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Casper-Natrona County Health Department is hiring for several entry-level positions


Casper-Natrona County Department of Health (Oil City News)

The Casper-Natrona County Health Department posted two new jobs. They hire a COVID I and II respondent and a public health preparedness specialist. Here are the job descriptions. For more information, please visit their website.

COVID I and II answering machine


The COVID Responder I and II will be under the supervision and direction of the prevention manager. This position performs support duties for the public health response to COVID-19. Responsibilities include calling people who have been quarantined or isolated, answering questions from the general public, assisting with COVID-19 testing, scheduling patients, updating and recording information, data entry, etc.

  • Call people with a positive diagnostic test for COVID-19 or with close contact with a confirmed case to provide information, updates or check progress
  • Collect, save and update information in databases and systems
  • Diffuse situations with disgruntled members of the public
  • Maintain daily contact with the manager; update on daily progress; report unit problems to supervisor; and think and implement solutions
  • Respond to calls, questions and requests from the general public
  • Sort and coordinate responses and follow-up to inquiries or unanswered questions
  • Collect relevant health information and schedule patients as needed
  • Enter confidential patient information without error into multiple web-based health systems
  • Assist appropriate personnel with COVID-19 testing and test collection with appropriate training and PPE
  • Assist with offsite surveillance testing and vaccination, and provide support to other team members during COVID testing and COVID vaccination.
  • Deliver the necessary samples / vaccines to the laboratory or appropriate drop-off location
  • Communicate with the public in a professional and empathetic manner
  • Complete the required documents for interactions with patients and the public with appropriate training
  • Support the relationship between Casper-Natrona County Health Department (CNCHD) staff and the general public by demonstrating courteous and cooperative behavior when interacting with the public and CNCHD staff; maintain the confidentiality of work-related matters, confidential health information and CNCHD information
  • Perform other tasks as needed or assigned

Public health preparedness specialist


The public health preparedness specialist will report to the CFO. Specialists will perform their assigned duties, including maintaining proper documentation of activities, responding to various emergencies, teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses, and assisting in planning, training and setting up. implementation of the emergency operations plan and exercises.

  • Ensure continuous maintenance of all equipment as part of public health preparation
  • Provide training on preparatory topics to CNCHD employees and community members and organizations
  • Perform quarterly reporting exercises using the Wyoming Alert Response Network (WARN) and complete data collection sheets
  • Update the users in the WARN if necessary
  • Track identified improvements from quarterly reporting exercises in a timely and accurate manner as needed
  • Understand and actively participate in the monitoring of contractual agreements associated with the particular program
  • Help prepare technical reports on program activities
  • Participate and plan drills and drills provided by partner organizations using the Homeland Security Drill Assessment Program
  • Assist in the organization and planning of exercises and real public health emergency events
  • Help prepare planning documents for public health emergency response
  • Serve as the coordinator of the public health response as needed
  • Represent the public health preparation program and the CNCHD during meetings and training
  • Respond to public health emergencies at the request of the Executive Director, Natrona County Emergency Management Office, or other community partner as the CNCHD representative. The intervention can consist of coordinating the public health services by telephone, going to the site of the incident, working from home and / or going to the CNCHD building.
  • Know basic readiness, city readiness initiative, and special grant funding deliverables
  • Attend monthly public health response coordinators’ conference calls
  • Participate in the bi-monthly Wyoming Department of Health radio exercises
  • Update the CFO and the Executive Director on the status of ongoing projects
  • Assist in the strategic planning of the readiness program
  • Assist other specialists with clerical and other assigned tasks

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