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Commissioners recognize outgoing County Treasurer Ron Sheehan


Today, Carbon County Commissioners recognize retired Treasurer Ron Sheehan for his years of county service, friendship and sense of humor.

Ron Sheehan served as the elected county treasurer for twenty years. He began his career in the banking industry before serving on Jim Thorpe’s Borough Council as vice president. Prior to being treasurer, Sheehan was an accountant and tax assistant in the Office of the Comptroller of Carbon County. The native of Jim Thorpe is also known for his service to the community, holding various positions for a number of clubs and committees.

“It has been a great trip and as I begin the next phase of my life which is retirement I carry many great memories with me so thank you all for recognizing my service.”

During his tenure as Treasurer, Sheehan upgraded the Licensing Office’s computer system and the Treasurer’s income systems. He also oversaw the county employee retirement program and the collection of hotel taxes, which have tripled since the tax was created.