Home Enthusiast ‘Dark craft with nine V-shaped lights’: UFO spotted over Leeds skies as enthusiast reveals sightings

‘Dark craft with nine V-shaped lights’: UFO spotted over Leeds skies as enthusiast reveals sightings


Ash Ellis, 34, is a retail supervisor who runs UFOIdentified.co.uk – which held the UK’s biggest UFO conference of 2021 in Preston in October.

The group also holds the largest database of current UFO sightings reported in the UK, of which we have details of 412 sightings reported in 2021.

Speaking to YEP, Ash revealed that Yorkshire as a region accounted for 63 reports, the second highest in the UK behind the North West.

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credit: UFOIdentified.co.uk

Their data is drawn from UFO reports made to various organizations, including UFOIdentified, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and BUFORA (British UFO Network).

In Leeds, seven sightings were made in 2021 according to the group.

These include a sighting in June where two thin black curved elongated triangles, flying above nearby houses and then stopping in the air were reported.

In November, a dark craft with nine V-shaped lights flying silently and slowly overhead was also spotted by a Leeds resident.

The Royal Air Force was responsible for handling and recording all UFO reports until 2009 – due to “lack of evidence of a threat”.

January: Red and white spherical triangular shape of light moving rapidly down and across the sky, disappearing and reappearing elsewhere in the sky (Source: NUFORC)

April : The object in the sky kept flashing, disappearing and then reappearing more than 20 times over a 10 minute period (Source: West Yorkshire Police)

June: Two thin, black, curved triangles, flying above neighboring houses then stopping in the air (Source: UFO identified – witness sketch attached)

June: Black triangle-shaped object observed at about 300-500 feet, moving at a constant high speed from south to north, no noise or visible light (Source: MUFON)

October: Clear triangle with lights on each point, hovering in place about 200 meters high near the A1 (Source: UFOIdentified)

Bright white/blue sphere with a flicker around the edge, distorted like through clouds but it was a clear sky, moving at about 5 times the speed of a helicopter (Source: UFOIdentified)

November: Dark craft with nine V-shaped lights flying quietly and slowly above about 1,000-2,000 feet (Source: MUFON)

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