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Simplifying is not easy. You just have to value it more.

Leaders, problem solvers and actors are used to taking complex situations and finding a solution. Make things happen. Do it.

This creates a challenge that we must focus on and overcome.

We are so used to overcoming obstacles and overcoming obstacles to achieve our goals that when a simple solution is presented to us, we often downplay the value – consciously or unconsciously – by saying, “This can’t be the case.” reply. It’s too simple.

This is because we forget that simplifying is not easy. We need to overcome this misperception and realize that we just need to value simplification more.

We have to be aware of the problem. First, we need to realize that we do it from time to time or maybe even frequently.

Maybe you don’t remember a time when you did. If so, take a moment. Think back to when people came up with ideas and solutions to problems in the past 30 to 60 days.

I’m willing to bet that at least once or twice you’ve skipped something because you thought it was obvious or too simple.

You didn’t value an idea or recommendation because you thought it was too simple.

This often happens when it comes to your message, your story.

Less is more. You have heard me say this over and over again. Well, that’s scientifically and artistically true.

Yet time and time again I have seen leaders, problem solvers and actors say, “It’s so simple. This is obvious. ”As if that was a bad thing.

I’ve seen people say, “It’s okay, but let’s add this or that. “

And I’ve seen others turn down great, powerful stories because they thought it was too simple.

I have also had others who did not value it. People said things, like “You probably found this in 20 minutes” or “I bet you had a drink like Don Draper and just whipped this together.” “

No. Professional storytellers spend their lives uncovering your story every time.

First, we recognized at a young age that we could have storytelling skills, creative messaging… and then we start to hone those skills. I have personally studied the science behind how we learn, how we respond to messages, how the power of history is driven by science.

Then, over the course of a career, some of us reach the 10,000 hours of deliberate practice mentioned by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers”.

So, it takes a lifetime, not 20 minutes, to come up with creative and concise stories to solve a specific problem and to reach, influence and engage the desired target market.

But another key point is this: Getting to less is a lot harder than starting with more when it comes to developing your message, your story.

Any content creator can develop a longer story much faster than a shorter story. If someone is developing a talk or a presentation, it is much easier to do more than it is to focus on less. But that’s exactly what it takes to have a bigger impact.

I’ve been using the 20% rule when it comes to storytelling, messaging, and content creation for years.

It goes like this: When you have written your deck for the presentation or your blog post or any other piece of content, commit to reducing the length, word count by 20%.

Go back and eliminate anything that didn’t add much value to the story, message, impact of your delivery.

Engage yourself. The first few times you do this it might take a little while, but the end result will be much stronger.

And as you get used to it, you’ll get back to it faster and the content will have more impact every time.

But the most important thing for leaders, problem solvers, and doers to remember is to turn your mindset around what you think is simple. Realize that simplifying isn’t easy and you just have to enjoy it more.

David Mastovich is founder and CEO of MASSolutions, host of the “No BS Marketing” podcast and author of the book “Get Where You Want to Go Through Marketing, Selling and Story Telling”.

Author and marketing pioneer David Mastovich has been helping businesses transform their message and improve their marketing ROI for decades. He is founder and CEO of MASSolutions, host of the No BS Marketing podcast and author of the book Get Where You Want to Go Through Marketing, Selling and Story Telling. His blog, Light Reading, has been featured in over 50 media outlets with a readership of over one million.

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