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Electric vehicle enthusiasts tune in to Westborough exhibition

Dozens of electric vehicles gathered in Amazon’s parking lot on Otis Street for the “Get Charged Up” EV Expo on October 15. The event was sponsored by Westborough Rotary. (Photo/Maureen Sullivan)

WESTBOROUGH – It’s not every day you see a Mr. Coffee plugged into a vehicle’s engine.

North Andover’s Chris Spychalski demonstrated how he could hook up devices to his Toyota EV’s electric charge.

“I mow the lawn with it,” he said.

Spychalski has owned his EV since 2018. Along with replacing an electric heater and windshield – both of which were covered under warranty – he said driving an EV was “wonderful”.

He was one of nearly three dozen drivers who took part in the “Get Charged Up” EV expo on Oct. 15 in the Amazon Robotics parking lot on Otis Street.

The Cameron family from Westborough came with their red Ford Mustang bought last May.

“There’s no maintenance, there’s no maintenance other than tire rotation, the acceleration is awesome,” said Neil Cameron.

“You don’t burn gas, you get good acceleration…I love it,” said Tom Wheaton of Littleton, who has owned a Polestar 2 since April 2021.

He said he gets about 220 miles on a “90% charge,” but cold weather can cut that range by about 20%.

The Quirk dealer in Braintree brought a Chevy Volt along with 110 and 220 volt chargers. According to Mary Collins, financial assistant, a full home charge would cost between $5 and $10, while a “fast charger” would cost between $10 and $20. She added that the chargers are programmable so vehicles can be charged during off-peak hours.

In addition to electric vehicles, Westborough and Hopkinton Police Departments have brought their hybrid cruisers.

Sharad Mehta, chairman of the Westborough Rotary Club’s environment committee, said this year’s show had “a lot more variety of vehicles”.

“It’s still very expensive; 70% buy used vehicles,” he said. “After a few years, it will be much more common. They are cheaper to run than gasoline vehicles.

Sponsors include Sustainable Westborough, Sustainable Northborough, Rotary Club of Westborough and Hopkinton Sustainable Green Committee.


The Rotary Club and Sustainable Westborough organize an information event on electric vehicles