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Experts say job seekers are looking for the right jobs after depth of COVID-19 pandemic



Currently, there is a kind of disconnect in the Arizona job market as tens of thousands of Arizonans remain unemployed, but employers continue to say they are struggling to fill positions.

The job seeker speaks

Leilani Torres is one of tens of thousands of Arizonans who are currently unemployed, and she says she is only looking for the right job.

“I wanted to start my own business. I always want something to experience,” Torres said.

Torres was at a career fair at the Mesa Convention Center on September 22, having previously worked in restaurants and customer service centers, the same industries that are in desperate need of employees. She says the last year has opened her eyes to new dreams of running a business, and the Entrepreneurship Association says that’s one of the main reasons so many people stay out of employment. .

“I think we’re just going to see a whole generation of people in their twenties and thirties really rethinking jobs and going into self-employment to start their own businesses,” said Wayne Goshkarian of the Association for Entrepreneurship USA.

Job seekers have the power, experts say

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problem, as everyone’s circumstances are different, ranging from unique professional status and qualifications, to childcare needs, to working hours.

While many Arizona residents have seen their unemployment benefits end, the state’s program to help job seekers, called Arizona At Work, has seen a steady demand of about 2,200 clients per week. looking for a job, but Zanzibar Vermiglio, who runs a business solutions company, says there are so many vacancies, the workers have the upper hand.

“A little more of the idea that I can be more selective and sit in my hands a bit. Maybe I can just take a month or two and everything will be fine. It wasn’t like that ago. three years, “says Vermiglio.

Angel Duran with Old Castle APG says he has a lot of vacancies.

“Forklift operators, maintenance technicians, maintenance electricians, maintenance managers,” said Duran.

Duran agreed that workers are patient and look for the right person for a job that can be a career.

“They don’t want to go back to what they were doing before, so they are looking for new avenues, and we have a great opportunity for people,” said Duran.

Vermiglio, however, said those who patiently wait for the right job don’t do it forever. He thinks the window will end in six to nine months. In addition, these job seekers are also in competition with those currently employed, as the Bankrate website indicates that more than half of all workers plan to jump ship for a better job next year.

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