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GitHub Copilot receives reviews from copyright enthusiasts


Last month, Microsoft’s GitHub announced Copilot, a new AI helper service for software development. GitHub Copilot supports a variety of languages ​​and frameworks and can provide suggestions for entire lines or entire functions right in an IDE. GitHub Copilot is powered by OpenAI Codex, and it is formed on billions of lines of open source code. Since the announcement was made last week, some copyright enthusiasts have criticized GitHub. Some have even claimed that Copilot is removing open source code to provide a paid AI service to developers.





I don’t understand this whole argument that GitHub Copilot violates the copyright of the GPL code. First, machine-generated code should not be viewed as derivative work. If an AI release qualifies as a derivative work, you cannot create a music recognition app because your AI model will be based on copyrighted music content. Second, even though Copilot generates the exact short snippets of code from the training data sets, it should not be considered copyright infringement. For example, consider the code below.

if (i

i = i + 1;

You cannot claim the copyright of the above code because it is not original code. GitHub Copilot should be able to suggest such snippets to developers without violating copyright laws. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft and GitHub react to these copyright criticisms in the coming days.


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