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Honda Accord 2.0T Drag Races Subaru WRX STI, the unexpected is coming

A few days ago we found out exactly what makes it so fast. Sure, the powerful engine and meager curb weight go a long way, but the 10-speed automatic is a deciding factor. To prove it, YouTuber Sam Carlegion used a rare Accord 2.0T manual with engine tuning and it was slower than the original car model.

That same normal 10-speed setup is now back to test its metal against the Subaru WRX STI. It’s bright blue, has a lowered suspension and a gigantic rear spoiler, so it must be faster than an Accord, right? Well … yes, but not by much.

Subaru’s most popular hobbyist car is old and about to be replaced. It is also not specifically designed for drag racing, although the AWD is permanent and should help. The heart of the car is the 2.5-liter turbo boxer producing 305 horsepower. And since this is a compact car, the curb weight is only 35 lbs (16 kg) more than an Accord, which is nothing.

But Subaru doesn’t make an automatic STI, only the WRX, and that has a CVT anyway. Having to row your own speeds is usually a huge inconvenience in a drag race whenever you go over around 200 horsepower.

So despite having the bigger engine with more power, the WRX STI loses to the Accord 2.0T Sport in the first race, which is done in Normal mode. This is not the right result, as the STI driver apparently missed a gear. In the second race, the Subaru is allowed to use Sport mode and takes a lead, but the lead at the end is still quite small.

Rolling races also gave the Subaru a minimal lead at the start. And in the last, they are in fact same. Now, almost losing to a regular Accord doesn’t sound crazy until you realize there’s a substantial price gap between the two.

The 2021 Accord 2.0T Sport costs $ 32,110 right now. Meanwhile, the 2021 WRX STI starts at $ 37,245 with no destination, and Subaru dealers like to mark it up because it’s such a passionate car.

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