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How to create generational wealth


Almost everyone wants to give their children a head start in life, and building a generational heritage is an effective way to achieve this.

To help millennials take control of their money, Insider presents “How to Build Generational Wealth,” a free, live virtual event that is part of our Master Your Money series, presented by Fidelity.

This free, live virtual event will take place on Tuesday, October 5 at 12 p.m. ET. Sign up below:

In this hour-long virtual event, two personal finance professionals and a Personal Finance Insider moderator will discuss the different forms of generational wealth, why it’s so much harder to build for some communities than others, and how you can begin to build wealth that will outlive you.

“How to Build Generational Wealth” will be the highlight of the third month of Insider Master Your Money Bootcamp, which challenges anyone to make a plan for their money that will build wealth over time. Learn more about the Bootcamp here.

Topics will include:

  • The different forms that generational wealth can take
  • The benefits of putting in place resources that your children (or grandchildren) can access
  • Strategies for creating a heritage that will outlast your generation

The discussion will be moderated by Ronda Lee, Associate Insurance Editor for Personal Finance Insider. She will be joined by Sara Glennon, Financial Advisor, Fidelity Investments, and Echo Huang, CFA, CFP, CPA, Founder and President, Echo Wealth Management.

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