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How’s Biz: LPL Financial and Altitude Financial Services continue to grow in these wild times



Dean Brosious, left, and Justin Kawcak are the men behind LPL Financial and Altitude Financial Services at Craig.
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Nothing is easy for financial planning these days, especially in Craig.

As the sand moves under the feet of virtually everyone in the area, LPL Financial and Altitude Financial Sercies in Craig continue to work to help residents prepare for the future.

“We work with many recently retired people who may have worked for the power plant or mine,” said Justin Kawcak, financial advisor and investment consultant and partner of the company. “Maybe they’ve saved through their employer, are planning to retire, and need someone to help them retire financially. We do a lot in terms of wealth management, asset allocation, the whole holistic financial planning approach. “

Kawcak and his partner, Dean Brosious, have been in business for years at Craig. The current partnership is relatively new, having reunited in 2019. But both have been in Craig for a very long time. Kawcak graduated from Moffat County High School.

Business is good, although it has been a crazy time.

“One of our biggest competitors is the online platform,” Kawcak said. “We are just trying to provide experienced advice and great service at all times. A lot of people like that when they call they have someone to talk to, someone to visit. Between our business background and our other staff, sometimes you need someone who can look at things and provide different advice.

The company is working on developing an online platform that Kawcak says will bring the best of both worlds

“Business is good, but we are continuously focused and aware of our surroundings,” he said. “This is perhaps another area where people value our services and experiences. If you talk about the political, financial, economic, COVID-19 environment, where are the rates now, where they can go – just the general financial climate and all the different variables going forward. Business is going well and we are trying to balance things appropriately.

Kawcak said the unpredictability of this moment in time makes his job a little more stressful.

“I always joke with people not to lose sleep over their accounts,” he said. “Dean and I are losing enough sleep for them, doing what’s best for everyone.” “

The company is also focused on being a good local citizen, Kawcak said.

“We do a lot for local businesses, supporting the local community,” he said. “We make sure to be wherever we can, different events, functions, nonprofits. We buy local. We do these things that I’m not sure an online brokerage can or can do. I think there is value in there.

Kawcak said the company is constantly growing and improving, with the aim of continuing to provide fantastic service to its local customers.

“I’m approaching 10 years in the industry, I have 30 or 40 left,” he said. “It’s nice to love what you do and to appreciate the place where you live and the people you work with. We’re going to be here for a long time to do the right thing.



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