Home Finance specialist I’m an energy expert – and here’s how to keep your house warm WITHOUT turning on the heating

I’m an energy expert – and here’s how to keep your house warm WITHOUT turning on the heating


WITH winter well and truly on the way and fears of rising energy bills, it’s important that we know how to keep our homes warm on a budget.

You can do a lot – and you might not even need to turn on the heating.


Energy expert Kevin advises families to block drafts around doors and windows to keep the cold at bayCredit: Getty

Kevin Pratt, energy expert at Forbes Advisor — a trusted destination for unbiased personal finance advice, news and reviews — has revealed his top tips for helping families keep their homes warm without using the heat.


Cold air coming into your home equals warm air coming out.

Energy expert Kevin advised families to block drafts around doors and windows as well as letter boxes and keyholes to keep the cold at bay.

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He said: “Dig that sausage dog sausage and use ball socks or tights if necessary.”


You can also upgrade your windows to keep the heat in and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either – it can be an easy DIY job.

Energy expert Kevin shared: “Double or even triple glazing is a great way to keep out the cold and keep the heat in your home.

“If you don’t have this consider a DIY solution where you use a hair dryer to stick cling film inside your windows – there are kits online for around £20.”

hot air balloon

If you have a decorative open fireplace, a lot of heat will escape up the chimney.

Kevin revealed that you can put an end to this and keep your house warm, all without turning on the heating.

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He explained that a chimney balloon – which essentially blocks the passage – can be had for around £15-25. But, whatever you do, don’t start a fire without putting it out first!


The trendy bare parquet? Sure, they look great, but they can often allow cold air to seep into a room, which is less than ideal if you’re sitting at a desk or watching TV.

But, you can keep your house warm without turning on the heating by splashing out on some cozy rugs instead.

Kevin said: “Laying down mats will help, and you can also buy infill kits for £10 and up. It makes a huge difference.


Another easy and economical way to keep your home warm without turning on the heat is to know the rooms in your home and what they are used for.

“If you have an unused room in your house — even if it’s only temporarily while someone’s away at college — turn off the heater completely and close the door,” Kevin said.

“It won’t matter so much if this room gets cold, and you can focus on keeping the rest of the property warm.”


A very simple way to stay warm at home is to simply wear warmer clothes.

This will delay you putting on the heat, the specialist adding: “Think layers. And remember, if your feet are cold, you’ll be cold all over – so invest in thermal socks and a good pair of slippers.


Dominick Sandford, director and head of supply chain, merchandising and marketing at ElectricalDirect, added that you can insulate your home for free simply by keeping the heat in – and not letting it escape.

“With gas prices soaring, it’s understandable that consumers are looking for alternative home heating solutions,” he said.

“Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your home warm all winter long without using central heating. Don’t let the heat escape by keeping all windows and doors completely closed as much as possible.

“Even leaving a window on the latch can drop the temperature, so stay alert.”


Expert Dominick also explained that you can install window insulation film to keep your home warm.

Insulating window film is a plastic film similar to cling film that can be applied to glass to reduce heat loss.

Dominick explained: “It’s a simple and cheap way to keep your house warm without using a heater. If you want to optimize the efficiency of your home heating system, ElectricalDirect offers a wide range of devices.

“One way to effectively control your current gas heating system is to upgrade to an automated smart home heating system.”