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Jamaican basketball player TD encouraged by enthusiastic restart | Sports


Jamaica Basketball Program TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Alf Remikie is heartened by the enthusiasm of the players and team at the country’s first local tournament, the Jamaica Basketball Association’s 3×3 Development Series, since the start of the tournament. COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s a very long way back but there is something positive because they have shown signs of interest, the whole fraternity has shown signs of interest, a lot of interest in their return”, analyzed Remikie.

Tivoli Wizards and the Southern Region finished first in the tournament that marked the return of the sport to local courts after his absence imposed by COVID-19.

The Wizards overtook the Urban Knights 13-12 and Southern outlasted the Northern Region to win the women’s crown on Dec. 22 on the courts at the National Stadium.

Tivoli also scored an 11-9 margin in the semifinals against the St Georges Slayers. In the other semifinal, the Knights beat the Portmore Flames 10-9 in the men’s 10-team section. Four regional teams bounced back in the women’s section, with Southern beating Central 10-7 and Northern gaining the upper hand over Central 8-3 before the final won by Southern Region.

The event went without spectators and players had to adopt a range of COVID protocols, including temperature controls, with COVID commissioners on patrol to ensure compliance.

Remikie believes Jamaica’s recent away results have sparked interest in the game.

In November, Jamaica finished in the top-eight at the Americup 3×3 basketball tournament in Miami, Fla., Thanks to wins over Aruba, Haiti and Chile. The men finally lost in the quarterfinals.

Earlier this month, the boys in black-green-and-gold reached sixth place at the Centro Under-17 tournament in Mexico.

“I think it also has to do with our international functionality, the way we have performed internationally over the last couple of months with our 3×3 competition. We got kicked out by the United States and that’s a big deal, and then our Under-17s played really well in the last Centro basketball. So the interest is there, and that’s the main thing, ”said Remikie.

Even though the long break resulted in a lack of physical conditioning on the pitch, Remikie saw the tournament as a positive for the sport. “We have advanced the game a bit, relaunched everything,” he said.

He had kind words for the players who played in the four-day tournament, with less-than-scintillating displays.

“They did pretty well, but like I said before, they just weren’t doing it. Mentally, they wanted to, but their bodies just couldn’t carry them. It was fun, ”Remikie said.

Encouraged by the development series, he added, “We just want to continue this flow in terms of redeveloping the sport. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to revive young people. This is the key.

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