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Leaving the Synchron chair after 15 years


WT Financial Group, acquirer of Synchron, thanked outgoing Synchron Chairman Michael Harrison for his contributions to the financial services industry and the company.

He had worked at Synchron since 2007, first as a consultant in business strategy and marketing, then became president in 2011 until its acquisition by WT Financial Group.

His position as chairman would be taken over by Synchron director Don Trapnell.

WT Financial Group Managing Director, Keith Cullen, said: “During this period, the guidance and advice he has provided has clearly helped the directors to build the company into the dynamic and progressive group that it is today.

“He joined Synchron at a pivotal time in its history, helping to reinvent the business to make it more attractive to young advisors, while remaining a preferred licensee for its traditional advisor base.

“His contribution to Synchron and to the industry cannot be overstated.”

Harrison’s career has spanned accounting, retail, insurance and banking, advising numerous entities including Citibank, the STAR Alliance Network, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Zurich Financial Services.

Harrison was also the author of three books and a corporate speaker, served three terms as deputy mayor of Adelaide, and served on numerous government and private business boards.