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LG spreads a message of hope with Charlie Puth


The exuberant and invigorating melody and the catchy video are the highly anticipated result of the Good Life Music Project, part of LG 2021 Life is Beautiful campaign launched in May this year. The Music project was created to give aspiring musical talent from around the world the opportunity to share their unique voices, and received a total of 1,092 entries representing 36 nations during the submission period. LG’s collaborative initiative has also struck a chord with audiences around the world, with related social media posts garnering more than 68 million views in total.

The winners, selected by Puth himself to collaborate in 2021 Life is Beautiful Song, are: Americans Stacey Capers of Mebane, North Carolina and Sade Whittier of Long island, new York; Canadian Stacey ryan of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec; South Korean Dani Kim from Seoul.

After their virtual meeting, Puth and the four youngsters Music project the winners began to work together on their melodic message of hope and positivity. Guided by Puth’s creative vision, each member of the talented team shines on the final recording, contributing to a warm harmony that inspires gratitude for what we have today, and joy and optimism for what. the future holds.

“As the lyrics of the song go, ‘ssometimes you just have to get up ‘,” noted Sade Whittier. “By participating in the LG project, I learned that anything is achievable if you keep going, and I hope young dreamers will think so too when they listen to the final song.”

“Meeting and collaborating with artists from all over the world has been an incredible experience and I was so impressed with all their talent,” Puth noted. “The song we created together is really wonderful and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

The The beautiful song of life and his timely message of hope will also arrive on TikTok from September 6, to encourage users to join LG’s global positivity movement. Anyone can participate by posting a video of themselves dancing to the catchy new track and using the hashtag #LifeisGoodDance.

LG will also show Life’s Good performance video on LG digital billboards in Times Square in New York City and Piccadilly Circus at London. Life Good song and the performance video can be found on LG Global YouTube Channel and Instagram.

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On Charlie puth

At only 29 years old, Charlie puth has proven to be one of the industry’s most consistent hitmakers and sought-after collaborators. Puth amassed eight multi-platinum singles, four GRAMMY nominations, two Billboard Music Awards, a Critic’s Choice Award and a Golden Globe nomination. His 2018 GRAMMY nominated LP, Voicenotes, was certified RIAA Gold just four days after its release and has recorded five billion streams worldwide. In 2020, Puth’s collaboration with Gabby Barrett on their remix “I Hope” earned him his fourth Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 title and No. 1 on the Billboard “Adult Pop Songs” chart, and his summer hit , “Girlfriend”, has collected over 95 million streams worldwide.

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