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Local Accountant Retires After 48 Years With Same Company – Destination Chesterfield


By Dom Stevens

Local accountant Andrew Heelin has retired after a 48-year career at the Chesterfield offices of local accountancy firm Shorts.

Andrew joined Shorts straight out of school in 1974 and his continued loyalty to the business was rewarded in 2012 with his promotion to Account Manager.

A popular figure within the team, Andrew’s presence at Shorts will be missed after his retirement. His experience and knowledge, coupled with his approachable and affable nature, made him the first point of contact for any questions or queries. An imperturbable character, he has always been a welcome sounding board for his teammates.

“To be honest,” says Andrew, “I never thought I would retire. I’ve always wanted to be a workaholic, and I think I can probably say now that I’ve succeeded in that ambition. But time passes, circumstances change, and (perhaps reluctantly) I think the time is right. My wife Catherine and I look forward to spending more time with our hobbies, family and the great outdoors. Part of me thinks I’ll still get up to go to work every day. I’m sure I’ll wake up early and think, “I could get up now and enjoy an early start at the office before everyone else arrives” before reminding myself that I don’t need it anymore.

He added: “I really enjoyed my time at Shorts. I don’t know where the last 48 years have gone. It has been a pleasure to witness the growth of the company during this time and I take home great memories of working with lovely people. I will follow Shorts’ continued development with interest, even if from afar.

Managing Partner Andy Irvine added, “All of us at Shorts wish Andrew a very long and happy retirement and thank him for the years of dedication and service he has brought to the business and our customers. Andrew has seen many changes during his time at Shorts, one of them being the growth the business has experienced during this time. He played an important role in the “Shorts story” and we wish him all the best as he embarks on this new chapter.

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