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SAM GROUP, INC. de Fremont has been named the North American distributor of award-winning Karantis 360 technology for safer aging in place and is launching the solution’s first US installations in Fremont and Omaha.

With the dramatic growth in interest in moving healthcare more into the patient’s home environment, this technology has the potential to save money compared to more expensive healthcare alternatives and improve patient performance. quality of life for older clients, as over 90% of adults 65 and over want to “age in place” in their homes and communities.

Karantis 360 Ltd. (K360) is headquartered in the UK and has a rapidly growing subscriber base for its SaaS solution in UK and Europe. In 2020, they won the Health Tech Digital Award for ‘Best Technology Solution for Elderly Care’ and were further recognized in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 as’ Healthcare Innovators of the year 2020 ”.

The K360 system uses combinations of discrete wireless IoT sensors placed in a patient’s residence to learn the daily living habits of the senior customer. This data is analyzed in the cloud using AI and Machine Learning algorithms that were developed through K360’s partnership with IBM. In the event of an anomaly or expected change in behavior, the 24/7 virtual care team provided by SAM is digitally alerted so that an appropriate response can be provided.

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SAM plans to rapidly expand this program across the United States through distribution partnerships with physician groups, home health agencies, and healthcare organizations.

“This American strategic partnership between Karantis 360 technology and SAM GROUP’s 24/7 support and triage team will allow our senior customers to remain independent in complete security,” said Lynn Lamprecht, President of SAM GROUP. “Our combined Aging at Home program will help home care agencies and other senior care and senior housing organizations do more for their aging clients and make their caregivers and home workers more efficient. . “

Andrew Carr, Commercial Director of K360 adds, “We are delighted to embark on this strategic partnership with SAM, and we know their enthusiasm and commitment to providing our award-winning Aging in Place solution in conjunction with their clinical support and triage. the teams will be incredibly well received in the US market.

SAM GROUP, INC., https://www.samgroup.health/, is a private healthcare consulting company specializing in business process outsourcing solutions in the healthcare sector. For more information, contact Lamprecht at 800-495-8174 or email [email protected]

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