Home Enthusiast Local News: At Ash Flat Library, art comes in many shapes and forms (02/03/22)

Local News: At Ash Flat Library, art comes in many shapes and forms (02/03/22)


Many works of art are on display at the Ash Flat Library.

Elaine Brown

If you haven’t visited the Ash Flat Library, you might consider wandering around its nooks and crannies and admiring some of the artwork that library manager Susan Funnell has on display throughout. Funnell is an art enthusiast who loves all kinds of art and enjoys supporting local artists by showing some of their artwork.

Funnell will exhibit pieces by artists practicing their craft at all levels, from amateurs to professionals. She encourages the learning experience, which explains her love of books and reading. Showing works of art at all levels of craftsmanship can be truly instructive.

The works are exhibited for at least one month. It welcomes the works of art of all craftsmen of all ages. Funnell says: “We asked students from the school to exhibit their work. There is no age limit.” There has been a lag in attendance since COVID hit, but interest is picking up.

Currently on display in the library are paintings by Nancy Weaver, of Evening Shade, who has paintings showing her love of nature. Audrey Mullins is a fulfilled artist who has recently discovered a new interest in painting. She finds acrylic art to be the most therapeutic hobby. Another local artist, Frank Thomas, exhibits models of ships he builds with wood, showing meticulous detail that he spends much of his free time building.

The library does not sell these artworks, but if anyone was interested in purchasing any artwork on display, Funnell will put them in touch with the artist to discuss a potential purchase. If you would like to visit the library or display artwork, please call Susan Funnell at 870-994-2658.