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Marijuana lovers reflect on changing social stigma


BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – April 20, also known as 4-20, is a celebration of the marijuana industry.

Local enthusiasts say it’s time to reflect on changing social stigma.

“We rode 90 minutes to be able to come down and finally celebrate everything on the 4-20. And it’s just super exciting to be here,” said customer Brook Goodwin.

“So 4-20, there’s a lot of different ideas about how 4-20 became everything, from high school kids in California using it as a code for when they were going to meet after school, all the way through the side of law enforcement and it’s a code to report for some reason they made it illegal in this country and in many countries around the world and it cost the people, the good people, for a long time. And for us to have fixed that and be in a position now where people can be free, unashamed and can have fun and have unity is a pretty special thing,” said Matt Hawes, Brothers Cannabis “For me, that’s 22 years in legal cannabis for my entire career. It’s something I’m very excited to be a part of, isn’t it. Thinking back to how we got to where we are today, I’m able to stand behind those counters and watch people walk in with big smiles on their faces, not feeling like they have to hide, not to be ashamed of themselves by enjoying what they do in their free time.

“I’ve been in the closet on this for so long, and I’m just happy to be here. I’m happy to be me and I feel so much better on the meds and without all the other pills and I’m really happy to be able to pull out the 4-20 and celebrate,” said Goodwin.

“You know, wellness is a big word, isn’t it, and wellness can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It can ease pain, it can be emotional, it can make you feel better, it can be finding a friend, it can be finding community, it can be all these different things, right? . And I think cannabis has been a great incubator for people to express and experience their well-being in their own way. And it seems like every store kind of has its staff, you know, in art, you know, for us as Brethren, our staff is our everything, isn’t it, and our staff is first class all the way and they really connect with this group of people who come here. And I think for people who have shopped here, this is the right fit for them. And maybe they’ll find that somewhere else for another group of people. And I think just having access and having more places where you can find these products is better for everyone. It’s better for the market,” Hawes said.

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