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Mirror News must file case to change business plan: NCC


Article 15 of the Satellite Broadcasting Law stipulates that a news channel must file for approval changes to an already approved application

  • By Shelley Shan / Staff Reporter

Mirror News must file an application to change its business plan under the Satellite Broadcasting Law (衛星廣播電視法) as it elected new board members last week, the Commission said yesterday National Communications Authority (NCC).

The news channel’s shareholders elected five new board members on Friday: former Chunghwa Telecom chairman Cheng Yu (鄭優), former Kbro general manager Huang Chun-yen (黃俊彥), OneAD founder and chairman Hilo Chen (陳宏宇), lawyer Kuo Hui-lan (郭蕙蘭), and Mirror News anchor Liang Fang-chieh (廖芳潔). Deloitte Taiwan accountant Wang Ching-shan (王金山) was elected board supervisor.

The chain said in a statement after the general meeting that the complete reshuffle of the board of directors would ensure that it could operate in the right order without any confusion, while safeguarding the interests of shareholders.

Photo: Yang Mien-chieh, Taipei Times

The board would quickly choose a date for its first meeting and elect a new chairman to guide the channel forward, he added.

Section 15 of the law states that a news channel must file for approval changes to a previously approved application form or business plan, the NCC vice president and spokesperson said. , Wong Po-tsung (翁柏宗), adding that the commission’s review would comply with the regulations.

“We will conduct an administrative investigation and, if necessary, invite stakeholders to come to the panel and answer questions,” Wong said.

Two weeks ago, the Legislative Yuan Transportation Committee passed a motion asking the NCC to brief the committee by the end of the month on the preliminary results of its investigation into the Mirror News leadership reshuffle.

The channel was granted a satellite broadcasting license on January 19 after a two-year review by the commission.

However, the channel’s March 4 board meeting removed Chen Jian-ping (陳建平), then president of Mirror News, and Lee Yu-pei (李玉珮), then managing director of Mirror News, from their posts. following allegations that Chen interfered in the running of the news. department.

Paper Windmill Theater Troupe founder Lee Yung-feng (李永豐) was elected as the new chairman of the board, while Formosa TV’s former vice president Paul Tsai (蔡滄波) was elected as the new General manager.

However, Lee quit after holding the post for 11 days.

The channel announced that it will begin broadcasting on cable on May 8.

Based on its commitments to the commission, the channel is to increase its share capital from NT$1.5 billion to NT$2 billion (US$52.42 million to US$70 million) before switching to waves.

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