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Money-saving tips: How to save – ‘I saved £1000 a year doing just a few cuts’ | Personal finance | Finance


Dr Nikki Ramskill is the only doctor on the UK’s Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs with The Female Money Coach. She has 13 years’ experience in the NHS as a women’s health specialist and has seen the impact of poor money management on the mental health of her patients. She is a qualified money coach and award-winning personal finance blogger and shares her tips on her Instagram @femalemoneydoc.

Dr Nikki told Express.co.uk how she saved £1,000 from her own family budget by switching subscriptions before the cost of living crisis.

Dr Nikki said: “Getting away from subscriptions we don’t use has been by far the biggest winner.”

She listed some of her biggest subscription savings, including switching from Sky to BT.

Nikki said: “I switched us from Sky to BT (we weren’t watching it anyway), canceled my audible subscription (I had enough books), changed our home insurance to a cheaper supplier and I canceled other subscriptions that I no longer needed (like an item of clothing I had subscribed to).

“Overall I’ve saved around £1,000 a year just by making a few cuts.

“It’s amazing how much it all adds up when you’re not careful.”

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The expert continued, “I love cashback. I manage everything I buy online through TopCashBack, and I could also do more with other sites like Honey and Quidco, but there’s only a limited number of hours in the day!

“These sites help you collect cash back on purchases that add up quickly.

“I once bought a Fitbit with this money and recently got a nice cash deposit which I spent on a birthday present for a friend.”

She also told Express readers how she saves on her heating.

Another money-saving expert advised how to save £80 on your heating.

Chloe Carmichael is a money-saving expert and founder of Chloe’s Deal Club.

According to the expert, a small change can save a lot of money.

She said: ‘Reducing your heating by one degree could save you around £80 a year on energy and you probably won’t notice the difference in temperature.’