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Moovaz extends beyond relocation services to ecosystem for human mobility


SINGAPORE, November 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Moovaz has evolved its business from a global relocation services company to an all-in-one ecosystem platform for mobile and globally-minded citizens. The company’s decision comes after the announcement of its global expansion and Series A Closure in 2020.

Global Offshoring Everyday Heroes Challenge COVID19 Crisis With All-In-One Platform

As international borders reopen and remote working becomes the norm, the concept of global citizenship is quickly becoming a reality for millions of people. The globalized world economy and rapid technological advancements have given birth to self-initiated expatriates, who plan and secure their jobs abroad themselves. These consumers demand more transparent self-managed platforms and services like Grab, Uber, and Airbnb. However, the relocation industry remains largely fragmented, leaving industry players struggling to differentiate themselves and consumers struggling to keep pace.

The pioneering solution from Moovaz – a complete platform for everything related to relocation, expatriate life and the community.

Moovaz eliminates stressful moves for expatriates

For expats, Moovaz’s easy-to-use platform provides a seamless end-to-end relocation experience – from supplier discovery, requesting quotes, communicating with suppliers and consultants, payment and follow-up of the move.

Moovaz’s platform also provides services and access to communities for a stress-free move. It offers pre-departure services such as visa application, shipping, home search and pet removal, as well as other setup services including car rental, accommodation short term, bank account setup, insurance, telecom setup, etc. . Credibility and trust are essential for movers and Moovaz delivers this through transparent ratings and reviews.

A popular feature of the Moovaz platform is its Move-Planner and ReloBuddy dashboard, an advisory service that provides a human point of contact during the stressful relocation journey.

Moovaz offers untapped opportunities to partners

For partners, Moovaz’s new full-stack solution can be implemented with zero or minimal investment. This solution enables vendors to increase brand awareness, sales conversions, customer satisfaction and the lifetime value of every secure customer.

Even with advancements in technology, moving individuals and families remains complex. COVID-19 has made the process more difficult, and relocation specialists need new business and technology solutions more than ever. have extended Moovaz into a collaborative ecosystem for partner relocation service, to help improve their business and better respond to changing business circumstances and customer needs. ”said Lee Junxian, co-founder and CEO of Moovaz.

With this strategic decision, Moovaz has achieved notable growth of 80% over the past year, with an increasing number of ecosystem partnerships.

Relocation Service Partners’ turnover has jumped thanks to the partnership with Moovaz

One of these partners is CM Relocation, a popular international mover based in Singapore. After partnering with Moovaz in early 2021, CM Relocation leveraged Moovaz’s ecosystem to generate new revenue streams and reach parallel customer segments that they previously couldn’t connect with.

“Relocation is a one-time trip for everyone, and there are several boxes to check, in addition to packing and shipping personal items. The partnership with Moovaz was a preventative and timely investment that we made due to the transient nature of our industry and the pandemic. Before Moovaz, we could only manually introduce customers to other vendors. Now our customers have the convenience and transparency to manage and complete their tasks through our platform in white label. Customers are satisfied and we have increased our activities despite the pandemic. It is certainly a win-win-win “, declared Arvin mansukhani, Managing Director of CM Relocation.

CM Relocation is just one success among many. Moovaz has also partnered with companies like ANZ Migrate in Australia, Take my pet India and Baggage Hub in the UK maximize their reach and offer more value-added services to customers.

James Room, Director at ANZ Migrate said, “Moovaz’s ingenious solution gives our customers the freedom to combine the different services associated with their relocation needs – all under one roof. The best part is that the provision of these services can be placed in order and in accordance with the relocation schedule and the individual needs of our clients. The work flow with Moovaz is transparent and efficient. From the integration and configuration of the platform, to the introduction of customers into the platform, to the checkout with their purchased services. “

With more than 10,000 partners and services in more than 50 countries and 200 cities, Moovaz is ready to help build the relocation industry of tomorrow. Moovaz is actively seeking to partner with all international relocation service providers around the world, large and small, to “move forward” together towards the future.

About Moovaz

Moovaz is a global relocation ecosystem for globalized mobile citizens. Its all-in-one digital platform is revolutionizing international communities and the global relocation industry by enabling a seamless and truly moving experience for everyone. Using smart technology and a global network of certified partners, Moovaz offers its customers an unprecedented level of transparency and open access to mobility services around the world. With our dedicated team, Moovaz is committed to delivering excellence and convenience, the first time, every time.

For more information, please visit https://www.moovaz.com/about-us/


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