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Native Netsuite app helps streamline accounting


Every month, quarter and year, accountants close the books. As organizations grow and become more complex, the process of closing books and reconciling accounts can become complicated. NetClose helps accounting teams manage this complexity directly in the ERP, where the company’s financial data resides and where accountants spend their time.

NetClose provides a complete audit trail of month-end checklists, auditor requests, balance sheet reconciliations and more. Automating these processes within NetSuite allows accounting departments to use pre-existing financial entries and streamline the workflow for easier closing.

As an integrated solution within the NetSuite platform, NetClose is quick and easy to use. Within minutes of installation and configuration, accountants can use existing templates or customize checklists to suit their unique business needs. Close any subsidiary, transaction type or account, allowing business units or departments to easily close their books independently.

Automating and simplifying repetitive monthly tasks helps accounting teams stay compliant and deliver timely financial information to organizational management faster than ever. Automated management of reconciliation and accounting tasks keeps work within NetSuite where it belongs.

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“Tracking close tasks is often done with Excel checklists,” explains Adam Riches, CEO of Netgain. “While these spreadsheet strategies may work, NetClose customers can monitor the close in real time with a verifiable record of each task, signed and certified, so there is no doubt about the integrity of your financial statements. .”

Accounting teams can reduce human error by automating reconciliation and reconciliation in NetSuite. Controllers can be confident that reported numbers are correct the first time by managing approvals, certifications, key controls, and including standard operating procedures on the task record itself. Reduce audit risk by keeping subledger calculations in NetSuite, reducing the risk of manual entry and spreadsheet error.

Build confidence in your fence with reliable automations, airtight controls, and powerful customization tools, all in NetSuite.

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