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Niketan Sharma on his trip


MUMBAI: Niketan Sharma is set to be seen in an upcoming SonyLIV web series titled Cubicles 2, and fans are eagerly waiting to see the actor. Season 1 made a big impact on them.

The TellyChakkar team had an exclusive chance to speak with Niketan Sharma about his acting journey where he also spoke in detail about the types of characters he looks forward to doing on digital platforms.

Niketan Sharma on his acting career

Niketan Sharma says he is originally from Rajasthan but grew up in Delhi. Entering the world of theater was never part of his career plan at the start. The actor was pursuing his studies as a chartered accountant during his university studies when he started doing dramas and plays and since then his love for the theater began. Later, the actor decided to make comedy his career, and began to make comedy a serious profession. The actor arrived in Mumbai in 2014 and since then has never looked back.

Niketan Sharma on the types of characters he can’t wait to do on the digital platform

Niketan Sharma says he is very hungry as an actor. He doesn’t want to restrict his talent by making similar types of characters but he does want to experience different types of characters and live different lives through his work. Giving a few examples, he would certainly want to live the life of a CBI agent in any web series.

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Niketan Sharma on the most difficult phase of his life

The actor became outspoken and revealed that the ups and downs are a part of not only an actor’s life but everyone’s life. Like any other actor, when he started his journey it was quite a difficult phase for him at first, especially in establishing his identity and making a strong name for himself in the world of theater. But the actor revealed it was a great learning experience.

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