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PHOTOS: SilverStar attracts cycling enthusiasts


Jumping off a mountain at high speed on two wheels never really appealed to me.

So crashing down an ill-named green trail Easy Street recently confirmed my fear of mountain biking.

SilverStar Mountain Resort graciously hosted myself and other industry types (although I was the only reporter brave enough to do so) to try biking or take a nice gondola ride and hike.

I went for the hike at first, but my pushy biker buddies insisted I take a ride with the wheels and promised it would be more fun.

This was actually my second time trying the sport – I did a few years ago courtesy of SilverStar.

So I thought it couldn’t be that hard. It will be like learning to ride a bike again.

The thing about mountain biking is that it’s not like pedaling a bike through city streets.

Instead of sitting in the seat, you mostly stand on the pedals, which is what my leg muscles were screaming at me at the end of the day.

Also, some of them might remember going down Suicide Hill when it was allowed. Well imagine that, but on a bike. Then add sharp turns, berms and dirt.

For thrill seekers, it’s great. And those who are conditioned to ride mountain bikes love the adrenaline rush.

Tearing my knee and bruising my legs and ego, despite being fully geared up, definitely turned out to be a thrill. I just need a little more practice.

Even if this sport is not necessarily my forte, it attracts many enthusiasts.

You can see some of the craziest at SilverStar this weekend where the Crankworx Summer Series is going on all weekend. No pass is needed and it’s free to check out the action.

Or head up the hill anytime to spot the regulars for yourself. You might even be inspired to rent a bike, take a lesson, and try a race for yourself.

I got to see some of the baddest girls I know go down the mountain this past weekend. The LIV Bombshell Enduro saw over 100 women register and complete the track.

All ages from 10 to the oldest at 60 were all smiles, with a bit of grime between the mats.

There was even a new mum, whose husband set up stops along the track with their six-week-old baby so she could breastfeed between races.

It was pretty amazing to see so much female power.

Maybe one day I can take off my training wheels and join them.

For now, I just encourage them and buy them a beer!

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