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Robert Half International: Why Now’s a Good Time to Be a New Accounting Graduate


As new or future accounting graduates prepare to launch their careers after seeing their college classes and their lives disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, they may be wondering about the timing. Now is the time to graduate in accounting? Are there any vacancies? Can they have any idea of ​​the starting salaries that might be offered?

Yes, yes and yes.

The outlook for the accounting profession is strong, as the Robert Half salary guide points out, and job seekers in this field are increasingly in demand. Companies recruit accounting students and entry-level applicants for accounting positions. They also offer on-the-job training and leadership development to prepare them for a long future within their company.

The demand is linked to the increase in the number of retirees, globalization, economic growth and the constantly changing fiscal and regulatory environment. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 7% employment growth for accountants and auditors from 2020 to 2030, with about 135,000 openings each year, on average, over the decade.

Where are the accounting jobs?

An accounting degree can open the door to a variety of opportunities and diverse career paths in the many areas of accounting across the country.

There are entry level accounting jobs in public accounting; in the private sector; as well as in financial services, government, healthcare, insurance and technology.

According to the Salary Guide, the most sought-after roles in finance and accounting include Accounts Payable / Receivable Specialist, Accountant, Controller, Financial Analyst, Payroll Specialist, Project Manager, Senior Accountant and personnel accounting.

What about starting salaries?

Just as accounting and finance jobs differ by title, skills, industry, and company size, so do their salaries, which also vary from city to city. . You can find the starting salaries and trends shaping the accounting industry hiring market in our latest salary guide, and you can locate your ideas for comparison to the national average.

What are businesses looking for in today’s accounting graduates?

Syed Hussain, vice president of permanent placement services for Robert Half, says new accounting graduates today have an advantage because of their education.

“Although the fundamentals of accounting education have not changed, most colleges and universities are now adopting a more business perspective, producing more attractive graduates,” he said.

“Accounting is a great skill set to possess, and businesses need talented people in finance and accounting. ”

What are the ways to stand out from other candidates?

Hussain offers these six tips to new accounting graduates:

  • Choose your courses wisely – If you’re still in school, think about the accounting careers that interest you most and work with your advisor to find the courses that best position you to be successful in such roles.
  • Get as much experience as possible – Degrees are valuable, but everyone you come up against will have one too. Explore the possibilities for accounting internships and short-term or contract work to help you learn practical skills that will help you stand out among job applicants.
  • Network, network, network – Whenever you can, meet people who can help you throughout your accounting career. Try online networking and virtual conferences, and join professional associations.
  • Follow your passion – Evaluate accounting and finance jobs beyond the salary they offer. What do you really like to do? Are you interested in solving mysteries? Forensic accounting might be a good area for you. Do you like to condense data to make sense? Consider specializing in data analysis.
  • Keep learning – Another way to stand out is with accounting certifications, such as the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. These references show employers that you are engaged enough to go the extra mile to advance your career. It can also result in a salary increase.
  • Work with a recruiter – Employment agencies can open many doors to exciting accounting careers. Robert Half’s specialist recruiters know what jobs are available – and what you need to consider for them – and work with you to find the position and company culture that match your career aspirations.


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