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S Jaishankar hails India’s growth in US


External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, addressing the special event in New York on Saturday, said colonialism in the 20th century had made India one of the poorest nations. However, at present, the country is the fifth largest economy in the world and considers itself a developed country by 2047. He added that the development of the country is inseparable from the rest of the world.

During the special event “[email protected]: Showcasing India UN Partnership in Action”, the Minister of External Affairs also highlighted India’s development journey and its contributions to South-South cooperation.

“In the 18th century, India accounted for a quarter of the world’s GDP. In the mid-20th, colonialism made us one of the poorest nations in the world. This was our state when we became the founding member of the United Nations,” the minister said.

Highlighting the fifth largest economy, Jaishankar said that today India stands before the UN “proudly as the fifth largest economy in the world” and continues to rise as the “democracy the strongest, the most enthusiastic and certainly the most argumentative”.

Apart from this, the minister also talked about India’s progress in digital public infrastructure and mentioned that it is designed in such a way that no one “is left behind”.

“In recent days, digital technology has succeeded in expanding our food safety net to 800 million Indians. Over $300 billion in benefits have been distributed digitally and 400 million people receive food on a regular basis,” said said Jaishankar.

“India today projects itself as a developed country by 2047, on the occasion of 100 years of our independence. We dream of digitizing our most remote villages and landing on the moon,” he said. -he adds.

Taking note of how the world has been affected by the Covid pandemic, the minister said India had administered over two billion vaccinations.

“During Covid Pademic, we responded with vaccines in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, etc.,” he said.

The minister said that “India’s fundamental belief is that its own development is inseparable from that of the rest of the world”.

“Without a doubt, our progressive growth has also benefited from our interface with the United Nations. India was the founding member of the UN and as we mark 75 years of freedom, we are also celebrating 75 years of our partnership with the United Nations,” he said. .

He said that “India’s multifaceted partnership with the UN is significantly reflected in the field of peacekeeping.”

Regarding India’s commitment to UN peacekeeping missions, Jaishankar said that “we have over the years contributed more than a quarter of a million people to this effort, more than any other country”.

He referred to India’s initiatives, including the International Solar Alliance and the Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Coalition.

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