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San Diego Community College District races far from decided as more votes roll in


The three San Diego County community college districts on the ballot had fairly tight races for board seats when the final vote count was announced Thursday night. So far, about a third of the votes have been counted.

Administrators face the difficult task of increasing enrollment, which has plummeted at most community colleges across the state during the pandemic. The districts collectively serve more than 70,000 students and offer degree and certificate programs in programs ranging from cybersecurity to woodworking.

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, consisting of Grossmont College in El Cajon and Cuyamaca College, is located near Rancho San Diego.

For the Zone 1 trustee spot, Desiree Klaar, a public school teacher, was in the lead with 51.83% of the vote. Her opponent Dawn Ivy, a relative, had 41.17%.

In the Trustee Area 2 race, board member Debbie Justeson led with 64.94% to public health administrator Megan Dunn at 35.06%.

In the Palomar Community College District, which governs Palomar College in San Marcos, community college professor Judy Patacsil led with 51.97% of the vote, against Frank Xu, a nonprofit leader, with 48.03 % in the course of guardianship zone 1.

For trust area 4, Michelle Rains, a chief, garnered 56.77% of the vote compared to Kartik Raju, an appointed board member, with 43.23%.

Administrative Area 5 had Jacqueline Kaiser, a financial consultant, in the lead with 51.69% against opponent Norma Miyamoto, a district administrator, who came in at 48.31%.

In the Southwestern Community College District, which governs Southwestern College in Chula Vista, Robert Moreno, a nonprofit principal, was in the lead with 54.20% of the tally for Trusteeship Area 1. Challenger Gonzalo Jesus Quintero, owner of ‘a small business, had 45.80%.

The Trustee Area 4 race had Corina Soto, a community college counselor, leading with 47.14% of the vote while Mae Case, a nonprofit professional, had 27.73% and Humberto Gurmilan, an educator, had 25.13%.

For administration area 5, Don M. Dumas, board member, was in the lead with 64.76% of the vote, while Rosemarie Ballard, professional artist and teacher, had 35.24%.