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‘Science Nerds’ Rock Climbing Enthusiasts Open Lincoln’s First Gym | Health and fitness



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Most gyms and sports facilities are found in industrial areas, as this is usually the only place to find enough space at a reasonable price. But Huynh said she and Beio were sort of lucky with the old Best Buy location.

Wendy Huynh (left) is CEO of MW Climbing, detained with her husband Matt Beio. The couple say the facility, which opens on Friday, is Lincoln’s first climbing gym and Nebraska’s second commercial.

GWYNETH ROBERTS, star of the newspaper

Five Below only took the front half of the store that faces 48th Street, leaving a back half that has poor street visibility and less appeal to retailers.

Huynh said it had been empty for about three years and the owner of the mall was more than happy to have the gym as a tenant.

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MW Climbing – which depending on who you ask means “Midwest” or “Matt and Wendy” – is a free or “boulder” climbing gym, which means climbers don’t use ropes or of fasteners.

MW Escalade

Bryce May, responsible for laying the tracks, tagged the tracks on one of the walls of MW Climbing on Wednesday.

GWYNETH ROBERTS, star of the newspaper

Huynh said the climbing style is safe even for beginners, as the tallest wall is only 16 feet high and all of the walls have soft padding underneath.

There are three different climbing walls of varying difficulty in the gym, as well as a training wall. She said they also plan to add free weights and exercise equipment to create a small fitness area.

MW Climbing offers monthly memberships as well as day passes, and Huynh said plans to partner with Lincoln Public Schools and other groups to expand access. The gymnasium also plans to start group classes in about a month.



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