Home business solution Siam Piwat compares the MICE industry with a “virtual inspection” solution

Siam Piwat compares the MICE industry with a “virtual inspection” solution


Siam Piwat compares the MICE industry with a “virtual inspection” solution

Reinforcement of the vision of “the icon of the innovative lifestyle”

Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., owner and operator of global business destinations, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery, joint venture partners of ICONSIAM and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, and founder of Siam Alliances Management, a leading convention center in world class and event organization, recently set a new benchmark for event organization and the MICE industry (meetings, incentive trips, conventions, exhibitions) with “Virtual Inspection” and “Reservation” solutions in line “. Digital services respond to the new normal lifestyle and facilitate event professionals around the world with virtual site tours and convenient online booking.

“Siam Piwat, as a leader in retail, prides itself on being ‘the ICNE of innovative lifestyle’, commented Mr. Talun Theng, Managing Director of Siam Alliance Management Co., Ltd. “Our business strategies focus on co-creation and the creation of shared values. Creativity is the key to this business model as well as co-creation between forward thinking thinkers from various industries to create shared values ​​that benefit people in general, society and the country.

“In terms of exposure and conventional venue activity, Siam Alliance Management (SAM) operates the main event spaces in Bangkok, including the Royal Paragon Hall on the 5th floor of the Siam Paragon shopping center and the True Icon Hall on the 7th floor of Bangkok. ‘ICONSIAM. “

“Now SAM is the first in Asia to launch advanced technology for its virtual inspection and online reservation site. “

Covid-19 has presented challenges to most businesses, and the MICE industry is no exception. Now that the situation appears to be recovering, the MICE business community has started to recover. European countries and the United States have started to allow national events and international conferences such as the ASEAN summit to be held in Cambodia.

“With Thailand a leader in convention halls, SAM is transforming global resilience into business opportunities,” continued Mr. Talun. “The launch of our new virtual inspection and online booking solutions offer immersive 360-degree scouting experiences to give event planners full access to the site. They also get all the relevant information like size, dimensions, floor to ceiling height, capacity for sit and stand events etc. Facilities, equipment, lighting and sound systems that can be adapted to different preferences are also listed. Online booking allows event professionals to check the availability of places and make their reservations instantly.

Experience virtual inspection and online booking now at www.trueiconhall.com and www.royalparagonhall.com

“This innovative service reinforces Siam Piwat as an ICNE of the innovative lifestyle. The company has never stopped evolving to offer business innovations adapted to the new global normal. It also announces new innovations in the conventional hall sector.

“We are constantly evolving to create new business innovations that best serve our customers in the digital age. Siam Alliance Management moves forward with four pillars of core business, namely, Improved connection optimize business networks, including government agencies and major private organizations; Collaboration with partners succeed together through new business solutions and create shared values; Communication & action, providing clear communication, efficient and prompt service for the best customer satisfaction, and; Create events, to offer new events and activities that meet the interests of customers in this new era ”

“The resilience of government enterprises is an important sign of the resumption of MICE activities. Demand is high for future events. In fact, our conference rooms are more than 60% reserved by June 2025. “

“The launch of virtual inspection for SAM is a major milestone for Siam Piwat in his role as an innovative lifestyle icon. It will be a game-changer for the MICE company to be able to fully exploit the predominantly digital world. It is also the pride of Thailand and taking advantage of the MICE trade standard. ”

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