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Sincere Insurance and Financial Consultant’s New Online Platform for Wealth Management Insurance Consultants Officially Launched | Taiwan News



HONG KONG SAR – Media reach – November 3, 2021 – For the new type of line Assurance products and all kinds of financial, funds and investment protection products to provide professional advice.

Sincere Insurance and Financial Consultant has officially launched a new online platform for Wealth Management Insurance Consultants ( www.sincereif.com ). With a friendly and fast user interface Assurance consultation, the platform makes it easier for customers to buy and understand the different types of Assurance some products.

Sincere Insurance and Financial Consultant’s new online platform for wealth management insurance consultants is part of expanding sales activities and hopes to provide diversified sales channels, provide insurance advisory services to a larger number of customers and implement the brand’s “professional and caring” concept. The multi-faceted protection of the platform includes the workforce Assurance , Medical insurance , Voluntary medical insurance , Accident insurance , Personal accident insurance , Domestic help insurance , Foreign domestic assistance insurance , Critical illness insurance , Life insurance , Education Fund Insurance , Mortgage insurance and other Assurance products, covering life, health, savings, Investment , and Financial direction , To protect the different needs of customers, confirm that the policy can be approved and effective in the same day as soon as possible, which is convenient and fast.

Sincere’s new online platform for insurance consultants is dedicated to providing the right advice for “Reverse Mortgage Policy“and” building Reverse mortgage“, aimed at enabling retirees to use reverse mortgages to enjoy a comfortable retirement life.

Under Reverse mortgage loans, borrowers can choose to receive a fixed monthly payment annuity for a fixed period or for life annuity period. Borrowers can also withdraw a lump sum loan to cope with special circumstances. Unless the Reverse mortgage loan is terminated under certain circumstances, under normal circumstances the borrower will not need to repay the loan for life.

When the Reverse mortgage loan is terminated, the owner (or his personal representative) can prioritize repayment Reverse mortgage loan in full to redeem the mortgaged property, otherwise the lending institution will sell the mortgaged property to repay the corresponding loan. If there is a difference, it will be covered by the insurance company according to the insurance contract with the credit institution. If there is a balance, the lending institution will reimburse it to the owner.

Meanwhile, Sincere Insurance and Financial Consultant provides product advice for the platform wealth management and investment types of current Savings , Savings , MPF , Tax deductions , Funds , in the future Annuities , Deferred annuities , Real estate purchases , mortgages , and Education Fund , heritage , confidence , asset allocation , heritage of wealth , family office , Reverse mortgage , leveraged investment , fund investment , retirement planning , retirement wealth management , financial planning , policy loans , premium financingetc., allowing customers to flexibly improve themselves according to their different needs in life protection or better plan your life.

About Sincere Insurance and Financial Consultant

Sincere Insurance and Financial Consultant provides diverse opinions on Hong Kong Insurance products and provide different kinds of Social media iconAssurance consulting services. The scope of the service covers life, health, savings, Social media iconinvestment , Social media iconWealth management and other Social media iconprotection services. Sincere insurance and finance advisor values ​​everyone With the recognition and trust of clients, we are committed to establishing a partnership of mutual trust and mutual dependence. Adhering to the mind of the customer first, employees are held to the highest standards of integrity and behavior, and to uphold the Social media iconprotection needs of different clients with professional, pragmatic and attentive services. Therefore, the professional Social media iconInsurance license course will continue to be trained to keep their professional and regulatory knowledge and understanding of ethical standards up to date, to ensure that they have the professional capacity and level to provide Social media iconprotection services to policyholders and potential policyholders.

Sincere assurance and financial adviser provide Social media iconUniversal life insurance and Social media iconVoluntary medical insurance plans , general Social media iconAssurance , Social media iconGroup medical insurance and Social media iconFinancial planning consulting services. Sincere Insurance and Financial Consultant will also share part of the insurance Social media iconfinance and the Social media iconAssurance information, such as Social media iconMillionaires , Social media iconPot of gold , Social media iconBumper harness , Social media iconSave money , Social media iconOn the train , Social media iconOn the bus plate , Social media iconMortgage , Social media iconReverse mortgage , Social media iconMPF free exercise , Social media iconMPF integration , Social media iconMPF contributions , Social media iconComparison of annuities , Social media iconGroup medical insurance comparison , Social media iconWork insurance , Social media iconComparison of voluntary medical insurance , Social media iconCritical Illness Insurance Comparison ,Social media iconTax deductions.

For more information, please visit Social media iconwww.sincereif.com




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