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SourceZone Elevates Customer Data Utility with Automated Solutions and Intelligent AI-Powered Analytics



Reduce risk and increase business opportunities at the same time

LAS VEGAS, January 4, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Taiwantechnological platform based on Know Your Customer (KYC), SourceZones (https://sourcezones.net/), invites small and medium-sized financial companies to adopt a new generation of tailor-made solutions to CES 2022.

The Source Zones solution enables businesses to manage customer data on a single platform.

SourceZones solutions pave the way for a new generation of knowledge maps and data augmentation through proprietary data expansion and artificial intelligence technology. With the SourceZones platform, companies can manage all of the information in a customer’s lifecycle.

A comprehensive data assessment, including correlation, risks, and potential development needs, is performed using SourceZone’s suite of solutions, including its KYCRIGHT data enrichment database, which provides extensive external data for risk assessment and investigation of business opportunities.

With access to more than 50 domestic and foreign data sources, users can apply AI and machine learning technology to collect, analyze, integrate and connect multidimensional information. Multiple layers of verification can then be created to generate a single, reliable source of information.

This is enhanced by the KY-AI artificial intelligence real-time intelligence judgment engine, a basic hybrid transactional / analytical processing (HTAP) system with multiple read and write data integration functions and of AI judgment engine. SourceZones can bypass traditional intermediary information integration tools and use the KYCRIGHT database directly and synchronously for deeper analysis and automated calculations.

For additional insight, SourceZones’ KYCHECK Knowledge Graph query platform uses AI technology to perform data network analysis and relationship investigation to help users understand and discover relationships. between people and things.

The efficiency of business decision-making and risk identification capabilities can be increased with its help while reducing the traditional due diligence period. The use of multidimensional information also helps to provide an early warning mechanism for business risks and opportunities.

SourceZones will present its solution at the TTA pavilion on booths 61423 and 61837 at Sands – Hall G, Eureka Park, Las Vegas Congress Palace.

About SourceZones

SourceZones, founded in 2017 in Taiwan, is one of the first AsiaData Enrichment Service Providers and Knowledge Graph System Developers focus on solving big data issues in various public sectors. SourceZones has successfully deployed its solution product in local banks over the past four years and received several awards from several government agencies.



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