Home business solution Stacy Racca named one of the 20 best dynamic business leaders of 2021

Stacy Racca named one of the 20 best dynamic business leaders of 2021


“AFS’s most significant achievement is that its team has created a heritage business that serves to put its people first. Their management team takes care of the employees and the employees take care of their customers and suppliers. Thanks to this approach, customers and suppliers are a priority for their organization. “Three years ago, the company was listed among the top 20 Permian service companies and Delaware basins. Because of our leadership approach, we are not in the top three and have historically had significant market share over our competitors, ”adds Stacy. “

Stacy’s approach to leadership is calculated, strategic and inspired by Abraham Lincoln and Jack Welch. He sincerely believes Welch’s quote: “You are a leader to lead, not to win a popularity contest. To maintain confidence, you need to listen and clearly explain your decisions, but you need to keep moving forward. “

Most importantly, Stacy learned to control her ego and use it as a tool when needed. His leadership style in emotional intelligence has enabled him to align the talents within AFS to successfully execute the strategy, taking the company to new heights.

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