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The Recorder – Gardening enthusiasts visit their ‘happy places’ with biennial Greenfield Tour


Posted: 7/10/2022 1:31:58 PM

Modified: 07/10/2022 1:31:42 PM

GREENFIELD — Residents and outsiders flocked to home gardens designated by a wooden daisy on Saturday.

Visitors attended a tour organized by the Greenfield Garden Club. For a ticket price of $10, each attendee took a self-guided tour of neighborhood gardens, giving them the chance to see hidden private spots in Greenfield they didn’t know about.

“We all walked and drove past these houses, but we were unaware of the urban oasis there,” commented Pamela McBride, a member of the Greenfield Garden Club.

The visit to the gardens has been taking place for 25 years. In recent years, due to the pandemic causing residents to seek more outdoor activities, the event has grown significantly. In 2020, volunteers had to run to a photocopier twice during the tour to make more copies of the map for attendees. During the first two hours of Saturday’s event, more than 100 people had already registered.

“The gardens are my happy place,” said Linda Tyler, a member of the Greenfield Garden Club, when asked why she attends.

Tyler is not alone.

“People are so happy to be outside with flowers and community during all of this,” said Garden Club member and garden host Marsha Stone. “This program is an excellent public service. It gives people ideas and distractions,”

Garden host John Crowe agreed with Stone’s sentiment. Crowe explained that he was not interested in receiving attention for his garden, but felt he needed to share the teachings of gardeners who came before him.

“I just wanted to be a good citizen,” he said.

Crowe told anyone interested about his unusual gardening methods. He uses a “no dig” method, where he places a tarp over his grass to prepare the ground for planting flowers for the next season.

None of the gardeners suggested that their gardens be stops on the tour. Instead, members of the Greenfield Garden Club strolled around town and picked out their favorite gardens. They then knocked on doors and invited people to show their work to the community.

“A lot of people were interested, but not everyone,” club member Eva Carrier said.

Along with this garden tour, the club offers monthly programs, which can be found on the group’s website, thegreenfieldgardenclub.org

“I learned so much today from others,” Crowe said. He explained that the participants had asked him questions, advice and requests for seed exchange.

“I joined the group because I didn’t know gardening,” Carrier explained. “I learned so much about gardening and made lots of new friends.”

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