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The evolution of digital signage – a type of display technology used to deliver key information in an intuitive way – has been remarkable. Today, digital signage enriches our daily lives with eye-catching content in all kinds of spaces, including plazas, malls, cafes and more.

Using digital signage as a media art platform, Samsung Electronics has paved the way for the expansion of the role of technology. Today, the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital signage, having developed products that support a wide range of consumer experiences in locations around the world.

To celebrate Samsung’s participation in InfoComm 2021 – the largest audiovisual industry event in North America, taking place in Orlando, Fla., October 27-29 – let’s take a look at the stories behind it. behind some of Samsung’s finest digital displays.

Growing role of digital signage and a growing market

The size of the global digital signage market and the speed of its growth has been impressive in every way. According to Omdia, a leading market research company, the global signaling market is expected to reach $ 19.9 billion by 2023. With a1 market share in volume in the first half of this year, Samsung firmly maintains its No. 1 position in the smart LCD display market.

In the age of social distancing, the digital signage market has grown rapidly. Indeed, digital signage is used in all types of locations, including in all areas, from kiosks offering integrated solutions for orders and payments to drive-thru that allow customers to view menus and ordering food from the comfort of their car. As people’s lifestyles have started to change, companies have put more emphasis on digital communication. As such, the role of digital signage has expanded to encompass various functions that complement these lifestyle changes.

Captivating crowds from New York to Helsinki

Whether it’s depicting a massive waterfall in the middle of Times Square in New York City or crashing into the waves of downtown Seoul, Samsung’s vivid and scalable outdoor signage instantly transforms the feel of n ‘ any space.

Samsung SMART LED Signage is installed on the side of the One Times Square building in Times Square in New York. Approximately 110 meters high and measuring over 1,081 square meters in total, the signage, which features a tight LED pixel pitch and 9,000 nits of brightness, vividly displays a work of art known as “Waterfall-NYC (2021)”. The digital artwork depicts cool cascading water from a huge waterfall.

Samsung SMART LED signage measuring 1,620 square meters (four times the size of a basketball court) is installed outside COEX’s SM Town in Samseong-dong, Seoul. The signage makes full use of its unique L-shaped design to represent a surprisingly realistic three-dimensional wave. The installation is the result of a partnership with Seoul-based design firm d’strict, which also created ‘WAVE’, the work of art on display.

Like the signage pictured above, the massive LED display at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles captivates crowds with exciting visuals. Stadiums have always been places rich in exciting sights and sounds, where crowds of people gather to cheer on their favorite teams. Now visitors to one of the best stadiums in the NFL can have an unforgettable gaming experience made possible by Samsung signage.

The double-sided 360-degree curved LED display suspended above the field of SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California measures 6,500 square meters in total, making it the largest display in the world. It is also the first stadium display to offer 4K picture quality, giving fans a vivid viewing experience from anywhere in the stadium. Approximately 9,100 square meters of Samsung LED signage has been installed on the stadium roof and around its exits.

While large exterior signage captivates the public in open spaces, interior signage can help increase the excitement of individuals in a variety of settings, including while traveling.

Travelers from all over the world can feel this excitement when they encounter the S-shaped wall of Samsung SMART LED Signage at Helsinki Airport in Finland. Meanwhile, curved signage installed on the ceiling of MSC Cruises cruise ship, MSC Grandiosa, enhances the passenger experience with beautiful works of art.

Measuring 580 square meters, Samsung’s curved LED signage is mounted on the ceiling of the Galleria of MSC Cruises cruise ship, MSC Grandiosa. Because signage can be used at any time of the day, it can provide passengers with various content depending on the time of day.

A total of 167 square meters of Samsung SMART LED Signage is installed at Helsinki Airport in Finland. The S-shaped media wall features 6000R curvature that emphasizes the beauty of the waves. Spectators can enjoy a wide range of natural sights organized by the Finnish Tourist Board, including picturesque snow-capped scenes and awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

Improve the atmosphere of any space

It is important to choose signage that matches the characteristics of a particular space. This is especially true for large resorts and resorts, including shopping malls and hotels, which tend to feature a wide range of colors.

Building on its large product portfolio, Samsung delivered a custom LED indoor signage solution to Jeju Dream Tower on Jeju Island, Korea. A large circular media wall has been installed in the lobby on the second floor of the tower to give the impression that guests are transported to a whole new world. In hotel rooms, televisions and smart room solutions have been provided to help travelers relax and amplify the premium hotel experience.

It is important that interior signage presents information with consistent brightness and colors. For semi-outdoor signage, which is displayed in places such as retail storefronts and outdoor driveways, the key is to display the information clearly, even in direct sunlight.

Last year, Samsung installed semi-outdoor signage in more than 1,300 drive-thru venues for popular Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons. The signage features IP56 certified durability, allowing it to withstand Canada’s volatile weather conditions, as well as excellent visibility in bright light and an ultra-slim 85mm design. By the end of the year, Samsung plans to continue expanding the largest semi-outdoor digital signage deployment in Canada to date by installing displays at 2,600 Tim Hortons locations.

In the United States, drive-thru sales of Smoothie King franchises have increased from 70% to 90% during the pandemic. Part of the reason for the increase, according to the company, comes down to better business solutions made possible through signage. The pandemic has resulted in fewer one-to-one interactions with customers, making efficient drive-thru menu boards essential for revenue.

Smoothie King needed a digital business solution that would allow restaurant managers to change menus and locate promotions without having to wait to contact franchise headquarters. Samsung’s semi-outdoor signage has enabled them to innovate in their operations by combining updated indoor and outdoor digital signage with remote management capabilities. This paved the way for more sales while demonstrating just how versatile Samsung signage has become.

(Clockwise from top left) Semi-outdoor signage at Tim Hortons in Canada, Starbucks QSR drive-thru in Korea, McDonald’s “MacAuto” QSR drive-thru in Russia and Seven Eleven store in Taiwan.

Samsung signage is also becoming common in metro stations, where relay information such as arrival times, transfer gates and more are displayed. Samsung installed a total of 4,218 signage screens at 90 Seoul subway stations and replaced many analog cards with 49- and 65-inch touchscreens.

Signage features IP5X certified durability to withstand use in crowded subway stations, as well as an anti-reflective coating that improves visibility. The screens allow metro passengers to enjoy a smarter commuting experience by presenting them the information they need quickly and on a high-resolution screen.

Leading a new era of innovation in digital signage

Samsung plans to strengthen its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of signage by advancing innovative technologies such as virtual production solutions. The company will use its state-of-the-art micro LED, The Wall, to create an immersive and seemingly endless backdrop for content capture. Because The Wall is modular, it can be easily installed in a variety of spaces. The virtual production studio solution will allow creators to connect LED screens to cameras to create richly detailed virtual settings in real time.

“Escape Pod” by Jonathan Monaghan. Powered by Niio.Art

Samsung’s recently announced partnership with Niio.Art, the world’s leading digital art platform, will offer businesses an amazing new way to interact with consumers. Transforming Samsung signage into an immersive digital canvas, the partnership will enable businesses to enhance their space with the best of digital art.

Another future-ready solution is the Samsung Kiosk – one that is becoming increasingly useful in the age of contactless interactions with consumers. The technology offers an all-in-one solution for navigating menus, selecting items and making payments, and can be easily installed in restaurants, cafes, drugstores, convenience stores and more.

If you want to learn more about how Samsung is optimizing its digital signage solutions for future applications, be sure to check out Samsung VX 2021. This interactive virtual experience offers a 360-degree overview of customized business solutions for a variety of spaces, including broadcast studios, control rooms, and small and medium businesses.

Stay tuned for more updates on how Samsung, a leader in this industry for 12 years, is shaping the future of digital signage.

1 Omdia market in the 2nd quarter of 2021; excludes commercial television sales

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