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The Tacollection, a community of taco enthusiasts to democratize culturally accurate NFTs

Image courtesy of Tacollection.

In a world where NFT breaking down digital and cultural barriers, nothing is more important than preserving the identity of our culture and making it relevant and fair.

Enter Tacollection, a community of taco lovers, taqueros, taqueras, taquerias, and foodies with over ten thousand memberships who want to increase taco-lover interactions, breaking down geographic or language barriers while keeping it culturally accurate.

Founded by Diana Abrego Aguilar and her husband, the Tacollection aims to shape the metaverse for new generations “before someone else turns NFT tacos into just another ‘Half off margarita and Taco Tuesday’ shill,” the founders explained to BELatina.

“We hope to be able to create a community that attracts the interest of the best taquerias, taqueros and enthusiasts and brings them together in a knowledge forum but also across borders,” they said.

BELatina had the pleasure of speaking with Aguilar about this wonderful project, and here is what he had to say:

Tell us about a time when Tacollection has already inspired you

The process of designing the different layers of the Tacollection artwork helped me revisit my memories and reminisce about places I’ve been in Mexico and events that had an emotional impact on my life.

Whether it is an archaeological site (like the ruins of Chichén Itzá), the trajineras from Xochimilco, or handcrafted alebrijes (Pedro Linares López) or representing elements of the March 8 Women’s March in Mexico City against feminicides, these things are close to me. I want them to be displayed through the artwork for the benefit of anyone who knows them or wants to learn more but also to teach my daughters about their heritage and the social issues I hope they don’t will ever be confronted (but if they do, they know there are places of strength they can turn to).

Do you think NFT resources are not widely available to the Spanish-speaking community? If so, how can Tacollection contribute to this?

The great thing about web3 it’s that he doesn’t care what language you speak or what country you’re from. Web3 and crypto/NFT systems and the reality behind them are available worldwide.

There is a democratization and decentralization of finance that can fundamentally change Latin America, but the current challenge is understanding and adoption that precede market penetration.

Take a look at Venezuela. One of Tacollection’s team members, who is Venezuelan, understands the reality of blockchain/web3 lead finance and asked to be paid in crypto, not bolivars.

Another example is the success of Los Muertosa Mexican-themed project founded by a non-Mexican national [in a] world [that] yearns for Spanish-speaking culture. The challenge remains adoption. We hope that the Tacollection [will help] create interest to foster wider adoption in Spanish-speaking communities.

The biggest changes and demand come when you start seeing the presentation and content layers natively developed in Spanish instead of being copied from English and translated into Spanish. The principles are there, but our team wants Tacollection to spark interest and understanding, given where we are in the adoption curves. If we achieve this, we will be very proud.

As part of our ramp-up, we are setting aside blocks of time to help taquerias set up their MetaMask/wallet so they can start moving some of their business practices to web3.

Additionally, we will also use our Discord Channel as a way to build peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing networks to better leverage their business. Our team wants to be the web3 resource center for taqueria knowledge exchange.

What motivates you the most in this project?

I’m incredibly interested in the authenticity of the project, from the exchange of knowledge on the Discord channel to the representation of Mexican culture contained within the token. It is the project of a first generation Mexican who lives in the United States. I want to make sure these elements are true to their essence, welcoming the world into conversations where we can truly demonstrate the richness and diversity of tacos and Mexican culture, while at the same time creating a project for my daughters that gives a place to better understand their roots and their identity.

More importantly, I want my daughters to know that they can monetize their passions, and I want them to live a life in pursuit of things they love. Building a community of taco enthusiasts seems like a good way to demonstrate this.

Do you think Tacollection can be a generational wealth creation point for the Latino community?

Creating generational wealth for the Latino community is a great charter, and it starts with creating a broader understanding of web3, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance. To do this, you need to captivate people and give them a reason to care. We think it can start with the taco.

Once you set up a wallet, you start listening more to the concepts behind cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. By doing so, you are taking the first steps towards adoption. If there are enough people who start their first wallet in Latin America because they want to join our community, I will feel some satisfaction for having done our part to contribute to financial change in the Latin American community.

At the micro level, we want to create opportunities for every member, taqueria or taquero, that joins our community. The ability to build a larger audience and even monetize your knowledge within the community can dramatically raise the standard of living for a Mexican taqueria or taquero owner.

We want to know these stories, and we want to share them, but above all, we want to encourage them. We want to make sure there is an opportunity for generational wealth available to our token holders.

What do you hope everyone understands about Tacollection?

This is not an NFT project; it is a symbolic community. Artwork is fun, but that’s only a small part of community value. It is an artistic token that reflects Mexican culture. It’s a token that gives you access to a curated community of people who really love tacos and want to share their knowledge of the art of taco making and share best practices around running taquerias. This can take many forms – recipes and images, translatable online courses, Mexican taco tours, successful taquería exchange forums, and token ownership for merchandising purposes.

Your experience begins when you acquire the token, as it opens the door to “members only” channels on our Discord server, where much more value is exchanged.

Do you have anything else to share with the BELatina News audience?

The web3 space is currently dominated by the Asia-Pacific region and the United States and is expanding into other regions. As with any other technology and financial trend, being the first doesn’t always mean the best. As in traditional markets, creating a successful project depends on offering a value proposition that no one else has before. We have the opportunity to create an authentic Mexican/Latin project that contributes to Latin America truly embracing all this offer of web3 and decentralization.

Besides generating interest in the long-term benefits of decentralization, I appreciate the culture. I want this project to portray real tacos and Latino realities and release it before another taco project sets in with a proper version of the taco wrapped around Margaritas and sour cream.

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