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The University of Phoenix offers unique workforce solutions, including training and consulting on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives


Event with Highmark Health Business Resource Groups Leadership Creates Model to Guide Inclusive Practices

PHOENIX, November 16, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions team provides companies in various industries and community colleges with tailored learning and career paths to recruit, develop, retrain and retain their workforce -work in an affordable and timely manner, including the opportunity to address topics and initiatives related to culture and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. The University of Phoenix was invited by Highmark Health as a thought leader and education alliance to co-host an annual Business and Employee Resource Group (BRG/ERG) Leadership Retreat on 31 August 2022.

A diverse workforce has been proven to play a key role in business success and is further supported by creating inclusive work environments.

“Our Workforce Solutions team is focused on working closely with our employer alliances to identify the skills needs and gaps in their workforce. We find that we are often able to identify opportunities linked to the creation of fairer work opportunities through practical measures such as tuition support, upward mobility, as well as through less traditional and more innovative perspectives: upskilling, retraining, professional development courses and learning,” says Jay Titus, vice president, Workforce Solutions at the University of Phoenix. “We have strong DEIB practices as an employer and higher education institution, and our team has the skills and knowledge to also meet this need of employers.”

At the event with Highmark Health held on August 31, the University Workforce Solutions team created an educational retreat to support BRG leaders, led by Erica Stroman, Account Specialist, Erin Hagemann, Account Specialist senior, and Jessica Trevizo, account manager. “With inclusion and belonging in mind, we worked closely with Highmark Health to revisit their goals by developing a goal for the event that supported individual reflection and growth,” Stroman says. “During these engaged leadership sessions, leaders used competency mapping to brainstorm ways to spark an inclusive learning culture.”

“This educational retreat allowed us to reconnect with the BRG/ERG leaders of Highmark Health,” said Erica Sumpter, Program Manager, Highmark Health Enterprise Equitable Health Institute. “Collaborating with the University of Phoenix has helped us empower our teams, create an inclusive culture, and identify goals specific to each BRG/ERG community.”

With an agreement between Highmark Health and the University of Phoenix established in 2012, the University’s Workforce Solutions team provides customized resources to educate and train Highmark Health employees as active adults from diverse backgrounds in the preparation and achievement of professional goals.

The University of Phoenix was recognized as a top performer in social mobility by the latest US News and World Report Ranked top colleges and continues to build its capacity and presence on DEIB-related issues, through leadership guidance, the University’s Office of Educational Equity, practitioner-based programming and approaching skills mapping in the curriculum and recognition through digital badges as an issue of equity as well as career mobility.

University of Phoenix workforce solutions are flexible and tailored to workplace needs and offer live assistance, career guidance and support tools, training programs, career paths learning and credit options, including certificates, workshops, single courses, degree programs, or any combination thereof. tools.

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