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THE WRAP: Muskrat, a power spit and a thousand pounds of fries


Would that make him a Homburgler?

You know things are tough when even your lawyer won’t hang around with you. Attorney James Giacomantonio this week asked a judge to be allowed to drop client Jamie Stacey this week. The Halifax accountant is accused of stealing $1.5 million from his boss, promoter Richard Homburg.

Resto deal with a side of irony

Bill Pratt, the mastermind behind Cheese Curds and Habaneros, struck a deal with Connor Stoilov and Johnny Dib to bring his brands under one roof with theirs. The new Lower Sackville Cheese Curds/Habaneros/Katch fish and chips restaurant will be in the former Hellas restaurant, closed by vocal anti-mask John Giannakos. Pratt spoke out strongly in support of provincial rules requiring masks and vaccines for those dining out.

Muskrat Mathematics

An aerial view of the Muskrat Falls site.  - Contributed
An aerial view of the Muskrat Falls site. – Contributed

When it comes to late public projects, it’s usually not another day, another dollar, it’s a lot more of both. The $6.2 billion and now $13 billion project in Muskrat Falls has again been delayed. Twice the cost and three times as long puts it in the Bluenose II territory. (It started at $12.5 million and ended at over $24 million.)

Halifax says throw me

Halifax now ranks seventh among North American tech markets, with 24% growth in tech jobs in five years. What does it mean ? For Purdy’s Wharf, this means a new tenant in Adaptiiv Medical Technologies. For the city, thousands of jobs in recent years and more to come.

Power games

Emera can be configured to be paid on the outward and return journey. They just asked for a 10% residential rate hike over three years in Nova Scotia and want to recoup half of what homeowners earn from their rooftop solar panels. And in the Sunshine State, they will benefit from legislation pushed in Florida by the state’s largest utility to allow them to do the same there.

PEI’s oldest. goes to the newest laundry business

It can be hard to put a new face on a business after 133 years, but the new owners of PEI’s oldest laundry and dry cleaner, Sterns, are giving it a shot. Andrew Bonnell is a lobster fisherman and Heather MacAulay owns a marketing agency. Cody McEachern chats with the couple about their plans for the Charlottetown landmark.

Wareham remembers

College of the North Atlantic students looking to the sea can get a little help from Newfoundland seafood pioneer Bruce Wareham. Wareham died in January but a scholarship has just been set up in his name. Here’s Barb Dean-Simmons’ article on Wareham a few weeks ago.

See you soon Fred

I’ve bought haddock at Fred Greene’s Fisherman’s Market, next to the ferry terminal in Halifax, and covered his trade in bits over the years. He was quiet and respected, one of the founders of Nova Scotia’s international lobster trade. We will miss him.


CHARLEBOIS: Spinning wheels and empty shelves

Food professor Sylvain Charlebois says it’s not angry ant-vaxx truckers who’ll stop you getting your favorites at the grocery store, it’s Omicron and the 30% of workers on COVID leave or in isolation preventive. Still, no reason to panic.

It’s the Wrap.

Back in a week. In the meantime, wish Roger Taylor a happy retirement. Friday was his last day after four decades at the Chronicle Herald, most writing about business, from Antle to Van Zutphen. Goodbye Roger.