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These are the coffee table books that every car enthusiast will love



There are few things in life that are more pleasing to the eye than a well-designed car.

For those who can’t afford a dream garage filled with these icons, however, a well-written coffee table book that’s also filled to the brim with stunning photographs can be the perfect remedy to your mechanical and financial conundrum.

(Image: Thijs Demeulemeester / Lannoo Publishers)

More than a catalog of great rides, these best car books offer inside information, never-before-seen images and a different perspective on automotive legends around the world, whether through world-class architecture or miniature die-cast toys.


Good design has a role to play in our daily lives, and perhaps the biggest influences around us (literally) are cars and buildings. Written by Bert Voet and Thijs Demeulemeester, Carchitecture marries the two with stunning imagery across 192 pages of automatic eye candy and some of the most fascinating architectures, with snippets of facts and observations on how they coexist and coexist. inspire each other.

Cars are just as diverse as properties; Expect to see cars like the Maserati Biturbo, Porsche 924, and Ferrari 250 GT SWB in front of stunning architecture in places like Palm Springs and the Alps.

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Type 7: Volume 2

If you’re a fan of the Stuttgart brand, there’s a good chance you already follow Type 7 on Instagram. If you can’t get enough of their stunning images, however, auto photographer and personality Ted Gushue – along with Thomas Walk and Franziska Jostock – have now fully utilized their talent for photography and storytelling to create this coffee table book. .

Type 7: Volume Two is an expanded version of his stories dearest to him and other famous Porsche fans, with names like Daniel Arsham, Teddy Santis, Marc Newson giving their take on iconic models via 412 pages of crisp images and evocative writing.

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Porsche invisible

You’ve seen his awesome cars on the road, now see what it takes to create those wonders with this exclusive behind-the-scenes retrospective. Previously information that was kept under lock and key, this study puts 15 Porsches – including the 919 Street, a factory-built Safari 911 and even a Porsche pickup truck – under the microscope, documenting the entire design process from the very first drawing and 3d render to clay models and test mules. Most of these cars were never even released by Porsche, so fans of the brand will appreciate this rare deep dive into the archives.

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Formula 1: the pursuit of speed

The high-octane world of Formula 1 may be filled with intense rivalries and heated scandals, but it also created some of the greatest moments in the history of the sport. This book is an exciting retrospective of what happened from the 1950s to the present day, capturing the ups and downs of superstars like Alain Prost, Arton Senna and of course Lewis Hamilton.

Expect great behind-the-scenes photos from pit stops and garages, spectacular highlights on the track, and beautiful portraits of drivers and personal moments from their careers.

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Speed, style and beauty: the cars of the Ralph Lauren collection

You might know he’s the archetype of American fashion, but he’s also one of the biggest collectors of new and vintage cars, so much so that his personal stash is said to be one of the most beloved in the world. . Now in its fourth printing, this lavish 232-page volume celebrates Ralph’s eye for automotive design, starting with the 1938 Bugatti Atlantic Coupé on the cover.

Photographed by Michael Furman, who has spent his life working with prestigious automotive clients, this volume is a feast for fans of the legend and his classics.

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Hot wheels

Over 50 years and over six billion miniature cars later, Hot Wheels still manages to generate excitement among children and adults alike – remember Elon Musk’s Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster on his space expedition? This rubber tome of Assouline is an ode to those tiny die-cast vehicles, which, in addition to decades of product development images, also include vintage advertisements, a guide to some of the most collectable cars, and their influence on the world. with its larger than life personality.

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America by car

Filled with eerie but captivating images through the lens – and windshield – of photographer Lee Friedlander, this fascinating book presents America as you’ve never seen it before. Constant juxtaposition between the country’s timeless landscapes and modern flaws, this road trip sees him travel through most of the country’s 50 states in a regular rental car, using his rearview mirror, windshield, and side windows as the setting in which to record. eccentricities and obsessions. Almost 200 of these fascinating monochrome visuals make up the book.

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Home Porsche

Some people invest in Eames chairs and Timothy Oulton sofas, others prefer to furnish their homes with classic Porsches. This 264-page book takes you through the homes of renowned Porsche collectors, who see all of these old beauties taking center stage as a key design element. These enthusiasts also share stories about their car passions, making it compelling read for those who needed more conviction to move their Porsches from the garage to their living room.

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(Main and featured image: Thijs Demeulemeester / Lannoo Publishers)

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