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Thrive new business setups with bQuantum’s consulting and strategic planning


The superlative firm, bQuantum is a Blockchain technology incubator, accelerator and enabler as well as a solutions consulting company focused on NFT, Metaverse and Blockchain.

For any business to thrive, it is extremely crucial to keep pace with the changing world. You have to embrace the new technological changes that are happening and make the most of them. The most recent development that the world has witnessed is the creation of Blockchain technology. Blockchain is a system in which immutable virtual ledgers are maintained by a network of interconnected computers around the world. Incorporating Blockchain technology into one’s business can yield fruitful results.

Almost every business needs a financial advisor, investment advisor, business consultant, accountant, and insurance broker. People starting a new setup would find it difficult to search for so many employees. In addition, a new business requires proper strategy and planning. Beginners in this field may not be sure of their strategies and goals. bQuantum is an accomplished company that provides new business setups with the necessary professionals and networks. It effectively tailors a strategy and provides the essential tools and knowledge necessary for any business to reach new heights.

Blake Wilkinson, founder and CEO of bQuantum, is an accomplished Blockchain and NFT consultant. Bake learned his skills from big names like Alan J. Krowe, who is the former CFO of IBM and Texico. He entered the field of Blockchain technology in 2016 and since then he aspires to promote economic growth and development by bridging the gap between newbies in the business sector and Blockchain service providers. After graduating from Appalachian State University with a BSBA, Blake immediately began working as a consultant. His primary focus was venture capital business development, technology development and executive decision making. He spent 2 years of his life organizing the IPO of a company and worked with personalities such as Kurt Warner and Mark Wahlberg on different projects. Follow Blake on Twitter @blakesgoing

bQuantum helps turn dreams into reality. The company hires a team of knowledgeable advisors who evaluate business setups and uncover their true potential. bQuantum identifies market opportunities and assesses what works best with business projects. After expertise, the company develops an innovative and thoughtful strategy. It takes into account the obstacles that one may face over time. Customers wishing to design their own NFTs for use in the metaverse can get help from a wide range of artists available on bQuantum. The company ensures the secure development of each Blockchain by selecting the most suitable Blockchain solution. bQuantum also offers to launch the social media presence of new companies on platforms such as Discord, Twitter, Instagram and websites. Following the launch, the firm accompanies and feeds punctually business projects. bQuantum is a preeminent company offering a chance for young companies to grow. Follow bQuantam on Twitter @bquantuminc

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