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Trading card lover collects only Chiefs K Harrison Butker


The Kansas City Chiefs have a talented and loyal fan base who aren’t afraid to show their love for the team and its players. Many popular players include talent players Patrick Mahomes, Chris Jones and Mecole Hardman, but for this story it was kicker Harrison Butker who caught a fan’s eye.

A video recently surfaced featuring a young football trading card collector with a passion for the Chiefs’ starting kicker. 12-year-old Parker Frederking presents an unparalleled collection of Butker Trading Cards.

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“I watched Butker throw the go-ahead basket. And I’ve been collecting cards ever since,” Frederking said. “I found out he was Catholic and I go to a Catholic school, and it’s kind of cool to know that Butker is also Catholic.”

Frederking is ranked number one for the number of unique Butker cards on the Trading Card Database website. He admitted to having around 120 cards based on the Chiefs’ field goal distance record holder.

“So I started this bunch of them about a year ago, and my last card I just got was gold out of 10,” Frederking said. “A few special cards here. Got my Canadian stamp one of the ones, Butker.

A nice tribute to the Chiefs’ constant kicker is a reminder of how passionate and essential the team is to fans. Frederking is not bothered by the question he always asks when presenting his collection.

“They’re just kind of like, ‘You collect a kicker?'”